Cap and Gown: VMware NSX and the University of New Hampshire

The University of New Hampshire (UNH), founded in 1866, is the flagship of the university system in New Hampshire. With more than 15,000 students spread across 11 colleges and three campuses, it is also the largest university in the state. In 2015, faced with rising maintenance and operating costs, UNH decided to modernize its data centers by virtualizing its network with VMware NSX®. As Matt Connors, the university’s VMware systems engineer, explains, “Technology is an ever-expanding role for us at UNH. The software-defined data center was the next logical step.”

Benefits Right Out of the Gate

To make the transition to a virtualized network, UNH turned to VMware. “We knew that virtual networking was the wave of the future,” says David Bird, the university’s lead systems administrator. “With VMware NSX, we saw the solution to our problems.” And “right out of the gate,” as Connors says, the university began reaping the benefits of network virtualization.

Since its NSX deployment began 18 months ago, UNH has significantly lowered operating expenses across its entire network, reduced the provisioning time of new application workloads from weeks to just hours, and simplified its network management and operations. Another capability of NSX, micro-segmentation, has enabled UNH to greatly increase the security of its network and streamline compliance reporting requirements.

Watch the video to learn more about how the University of New Hampshire modernized its data center with VMware NSX to meet demands and reduce risk. Then read on to learn how simply NSX integrated with other products already in use at UNH.

A University in the Cloud

In addition to its many standalone benefits, UNH is also seeing the benefits of NSX’s easy integration with other VMware products, including VMware’s virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI). The VDI solution integrated with NSX allows UNH to secure individual student or faculty workstations in the event of any security breach or threat.

Looking ahead, the next phase for the premier university of The Granite State is leveraging NSX to help the school move to a hybrid cloud. Connors is helping to shepherd this latest transition, and he is both excited and amazed at all the changes he’s seen since UNH first deployed NSX. “We’re doing things today,” he says, “that two years ago I didn’t even think possible.”