Exploring the Real Value of Edge & IoT

What do the Mars Rover and oil rigs have in common? Explore the edge of what's possible with CIO Bask Iyer.

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Jul 1 / Video

Exploring the Real Value of Edge & IoT: An Interview with Bask Iyer

What is the real value of edge computing and IoT? And what are the implications? VMware CIO Bask Iyer explores hot topics in this Q&A.

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Jun 26 / Video

Security: Getting to “Yes, Please!”

CISO expert Matthew Todd gives advice to help security leaders become true partners across their business.

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Jun 20

Building a Place Where We All Want to Work

Diversity and Inclusion leader shares her advice for building a company culture of equity and innovation.

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Jun 19 / Video

Evolving Employee Experiences: The New IT and HR Partnership

To evolve employee experiences, IT and HR need to strategically partner on technology solutions that empower employees.

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Jun 5 / Infographic

The Password for a Secure Digital Economy in Asia

A cashless, secure digital economy heralds convenience for us consumers. But there is a yawning gap between consumers and cybersecurity.

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Jun 3

Here’s Why AI May Be the Fastest Paradigm Shift in Tech History

Just how important is AI? An Edelman AI survey sheds new light on the diverse viewpoints of public vs. tech expert sentiments.

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May 22

Pokémon Go, Harry Potter and Tech for Good: 20 Questions with John Hanke

From April Fools joke to worldwide phenomena: Watch this 20 Questions video with Niantic CEO John Hanke.

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May 14 / Video

Harel’s Amir Levy Shares the Silent Secret Behind His Company’s Digital Transformation

How this Israeli IT leader drives a collaborative culture of customer-centric digital transformation.

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May 8

Diversity & AI: 20 Questions with Atipica CEO Laura Gomez

Laura Gomez is not your typical tech founder. And that’s what she wants to change. Watch her powerful 20 Questions video.

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May 2 / Video

Jan Saan, a CTO Who Stretches the Limits

Jan Saan of shares insights into building a culture of innovation and developing a platform facilitating Conversational Commerce.

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May 1 / Video

3 Reasons Employee Experience Is a Digital Transformation Priority

Digital transformation isn't only about the customer experience—it's also about transforming the employee experience. Here's why it matters.

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Apr 30

How 6 IT Visionaries Lead Security Transformation

Hear from six visionary IT leaders who lead security transformation in their businesses.

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