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All for One and Tech for All

TechSoup equips communities with the innovative technology they need to build a more equitable planet.

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Oct 28

How Design Thinking Improves Digital Employee Experience

Expert Julie Stanford dives into how you can leverage design thinking to strengthen your organization's digital employee experiences.

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Oct 24

Will This Robot Save Our Oceans? Pop Culture Tech Podcast #3

Dangerous pollution levels in our oceans and waterways are reaching a point of no return worldwide. Could robots come to the rescue?

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Oct 17

Is The Gym Dead? Listen to Pop Culture Tech Podcast #2

Is the gym a place you go – or does it, thanks to game-changing fitness technology, become all about the connected experience?

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Oct 7 / Video

Shift Happens: Employee Experience & the Third Age of Human Capital Management

Workday's Greg Pryor explains why collaboration-enhancing tools are essential to best-in-class employee experiences that win over talent.

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Oct 1

How to Be Successful in a Multi-Cloud World

Enterprises adopting public, hybrid, and multi-cloud need agility and innovation. Instead, they’re discovering complexity.

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Sep 24

Human-Robot Collaboration: 20 Questions with Artist-Researcher Sougwen Chung

As robots swirl around her, artist Sougwen Chung paints a picture of what the future of robotics could look like.

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Sep 18

International Committee for the Red Cross Reshapes Humanitarian Relief through Digital Transformation

International Committee of the Red Cross director shares the power of digital transformation for reshaping global humanitarian relief.

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Sep 17

Pop Culture Tech Podcast

Explore the hottest trends in digital culture and how innovative technology, like AI, blockchain and 5G, make it all possible.

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Sep 9

How Hybrid Cloud Drives Citizen-centric Government IT Services in Asia Pacific

Governments in the Asia Pacific and Japan region are leveraging hybrid cloud innovation to treat citizens as digital “customers.”

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Sep 4

Delivering Modern Apps (and Pizza) with Kubernetes

Domino’s Pizza explores a container strategy by adopting Kubernetes in the enterprise for cloud-native application development.

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Aug 26

VMworld 2019 and Our Relentless Pursuit of the Possible

Chris Wolf, VMware Vice President & CTO, Global Field and Industry, unveils key announcements and product news at VMworld 2019 US.

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Aug 22 / Infographic

[Infographic] The New HR Imperative: Digital Employee Experiences

It's up to both IT and HR leadership to create exceptional digital employee experiences. Click here for 10 ways to succeed.

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