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TechSoup equips communities with the innovative technology they need to build a more equitable planet.

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Sep 9

How Hybrid Cloud Drives Citizen-centric Government IT Services in Asia Pacific

Governments in the Asia Pacific and Japan region are leveraging hybrid cloud innovation to treat citizens as digital “customers.”

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Aug 26

VMworld 2019 and Our Relentless Pursuit of the Possible

Chris Wolf, VMware Vice President & CTO, Global Field and Industry, unveils key announcements and product news at VMworld 2019 US.

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Aug 18

Open Source Learnings from VMware China

Learnings from China: How a ‘we before me’ approach helps customers innovate faster through open source.

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Aug 8

7 Building Blocks for an Engineering Culture of Continuous Innovation

VMware’s COO of products and cloud services shares leadership advice for engineering teams that continuously evolve and innovate.

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Aug 7

Forging Ahead on Southeast Asia’s Cloud Journey

Can ASEAN’s digital revolution catapult the region into the top five digital economies by 2025?

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Aug 1

How Network Visibility Helps Solve 3 of IT’s Biggest Problems

Networking expert Phil Gervasi on how network visibility helps solve several problems in network operations, including monitoring IoT.

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Jul 25

How Much Trust?

With today's cybersecurity threats, how much trust can your company afford to give? Explore the pros and cons of the Zero Trust model.

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Jul 18 / Video

An Accidentally Remote Workforce Puts Business at Risk

Remote work is the digital employee experience in most need of improvement. Follow four steps to engage remote employees.

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Jul 17 / Video

Porsche Informatik Adapts in an Industry on the Cusp of Technological Reinvention

Peter Friedwagner leads Porsche Informatik’s IT Infrastructure through the impacts of the automotive industry’s mega trends.

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Jul 10

The High-Stakes Game of Government IT Transformation: SAIC’s Story

When your largest client is the U.S. government, the mission is critical.

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Jul 1 / Video

Exploring the Real Value of Edge & IoT: An Interview with Bask Iyer

What is the real value of edge computing and IoT? And what are the implications? VMware CIO Bask Iyer explores hot topics in this Q&A.

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Jun 26 / Video

Security: Getting to “Yes, Please!”

CISO expert Matthew Todd gives advice to help security leaders become true partners across their business.

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