App Modernization in a Multi-Cloud World

Join VMware executives and Kubernetes pioneers in this streamed event as they outline exciting new products and services that will define the next generation of applications.


Game Over. Play Again?

As technology infiltrates our lives, our love of games has turned into pop culture and gamers are now pop culture icons. Listen to Pop Culture Tech podcast #7.

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May 14

How 13 IT Leaders Support Organizations Through Disruption

In a slideshow, 13 IT leaders talk about supporting their organizations' business continuity plans during the global disruption.

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May 12

New Study: 83 Percent Say Enterprise Security and IT Teams Have ‘Negative Relationship’

New Forrester Consulting research reveals that amid existing tensions, security and IT collaboration is a top 2020 priority.

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May 7 / Infographic

So Many Clouds—What’s the Difference?

There are so many cloud deployment models: from public and private to hybrid and multi-cloud computing. What's the difference? Click here to

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May 6 / Infographic

The State of Cybersecurity in APAC

How can governments empower businesses to embrace digitization as crises expose fragility in cybersecurity and digital infrastructures?

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May 4 / Podcast

Sneaker Culture Goes Green: Listen to Pop Culture Tech #8

What happens when you put two huge pop culture movements together—sneaker culture and sustainability—and add tech innovation? Listen now.

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May 2

What We’ve Learned as a Digital Responder during COVID-19

CIO Bask Iyer shares what his IT team learned from VMware's internal and customer responses to the global pandemic.

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Apr 30

What’s the Deal with 5G?

5G is one of the biggest buzzwords of the past five years. But when will it go from "buzz" to reality?

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Apr 29

VMware Brainstorms New Ways of Working after the COVID-19 Pandemic

VMware CIO Bask Iyer talks to ZDNet about how his team is thinking about how to safely welcome employees back to the office.

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Apr 22

Putting Down Roots: Businesses Act on Reforestation

Businesses and technology play an increasingly important role in reforestation projects for climate action.

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Apr 20

Tips for Enabling a Remote Workforce: “Work Is What You Do, Not Where You Go”

Two IT leaders share how they're enabling their remote workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Apr 17

Ransomware Attacks Spike 148 Percent Amid COVID-19 Scams

SDxCentral reports that threat researchers observed hackers using COVID-19 to increase cyberattacks, particularly ransomware and phishing.

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Apr 16 / Video

Ahmad Yahya, a Hospital CIO Reprioritizing through Pandemic

CIO of American Hospital Dubai talks about bringing business ideas to the strategy table.

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