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All for One and Tech for All

TechSoup equips communities with the innovative technology they need to build a more equitable planet.

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Aug 22 / Infographic

[Infographic] The New HR Imperative: Digital Employee Experiences

It's up to both IT and HR leadership to create exceptional digital employee experiences. Click here for 10 ways to succeed.

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Jul 18 / Video

An Accidentally Remote Workforce Puts Business at Risk

Remote work is the digital employee experience in most need of improvement. Follow four steps to engage remote employees.

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Jul 17 / Video

Porsche Informatik Adapts in an Industry on the Cusp of Technological Reinvention

Peter Friedwagner leads Porsche Informatik’s IT Infrastructure through the impacts of the automotive industry’s mega trends.

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Jul 10

The High-Stakes Game of Government IT Transformation: SAIC’s Story

When your largest client is the U.S. government, the mission is critical.

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Jun 17

5 Key Findings from Forbes Insights’ 2019 Cybersecurity Survey

As cybersecurity threats grow in both volume and sophistication, a new survey from Forbes Insights reveals trends in enterprise security.

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Jun 11

The Rise of a New Role: Digital Employee Experience

An emerging leadership role — vice presidents, directors and managers of digital employee experience — are transforming work at big brands.

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Jun 10 / Video

University of Sharjah’s Robert Irving Reimagines IT Services in the Cloud

Robert Irving shares how he led a change in the culture and vision of IT at the University of Sharjah.

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Jun 3

Here’s Why AI May Be the Fastest Paradigm Shift in Tech History

Just how important is AI? An Edelman AI survey sheds new light on the diverse viewpoints of public vs. tech expert sentiments.

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Apr 8 / Video

How We Built an Agile IT Culture: ADP CIO Vipul Nagrath

Watch this new video with ADP CIO Vipul Nagrath, who reveals how he led a global transformation to build an agile IT culture.

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Mar 19

How the Most Security-Conscious Industries Adopt Public Cloud

Security and compliance requirements no longer hold back IT from operating in the public cloud—even in industries under the microscope.

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Mar 7 / Video

RSA Keynote: 3 Things the Security Industry Isn’t Talking About (And Should Be)

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger and Intuit's Shannon Lietz propose three "provocative observations" to finally give businesses the upper hand.

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Mar 4

The Changing Tides of Enterprise Security: A CISO’s Perspective

In a landscape of rapid change, how can the CISO protect against cybersecurity threats without stifling business innovation?

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