Perspectives / April 2, 2020

4 Phases to Help Your Suddenly Remote Workforce

Expert Laurel Farrer tackles the urgent challenges leaders face now that billions of workers are suddenly required to work from home.

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App Modernization in a Multi-Cloud World

Join VMware executives and Kubernetes pioneers in this streamed event as they outline exciting new products and services that will define the next generation of applications.


Game Over. Play Again?

As technology infiltrates our lives, our love of games has turned into pop culture and gamers are now pop culture icons. Listen to Pop Culture Tech podcast #7.

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Apr 23

4 Stories of Greater China Organizations Leading Digital Transformation Through Disruption

As China returns to work in the wake of COVID-19, we take a look at how organizations safeguard employees with remote work best practices.

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Mar 26 / Podcast

Podcast: How the Netherlands’ Largest Telco Builds, Runs and Manages Modern Apps

With the rise of Kubernetes, enterprises like KPN are transforming the way they build, run and manage their application environment.

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Mar 25 / Video

CISO Denis Onuoha Talks Emotionally Intelligent Security Leadership

Chief Information Security Officer at Arqiva explores the value of listening to understand, not listening to respond.

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Mar 5 / Video

Southwest Airlines Breaks Down Silos for Intrinsic Security

A leader at Southwest Airlines talks about its cybersecurity strategy, unifying IT and security teams, and industry challenges.

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Feb 11 / Video

Braunschweig Municipal Hospital’s CIO Advocates Less Technology and More Humanity

Norman Lüttgerding explores the unique challenges faced by healthcare CIOs and how the role has evolved.

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Jan 29 / Video

5 IT Leaders on Why They Went Hybrid Cloud

From simplicity to speed, hybrid cloud offers a variety of benefits. IT leaders across the globe share why they went hybrid cloud.

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Oct 16 / Video

Deutsche Telekom’s Dirk Eckert Harnesses Digital Disruption

Deutsche Telekom ISP’s managing director of talks about the importance of innovation for the world-leading telecom provider.

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Oct 14

Modernizing IT for the Mission: Digital Transformation and the Public Sector

Where are CIOs focused as they look to the future of public sector digital transformation? Hear from IT leaders.

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Oct 7 / Video

Shift Happens: Employee Experience & the Third Age of Human Capital Management

Workday's Greg Pryor explains why collaboration-enhancing tools are essential to best-in-class employee experiences that win over talent.

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Sep 4

Delivering Modern Apps (and Pizza) with Kubernetes

Domino’s Pizza explores a container strategy by adopting Kubernetes in the enterprise for cloud-native application development.

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Aug 22 / Infographic

[Infographic] The New HR Imperative: Digital Employee Experiences

It's up to both IT and HR leadership to create exceptional digital employee experiences. Click here for 10 ways to succeed.

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Jul 18 / Video

An Accidentally Remote Workforce Puts Business at Risk

Remote work is the digital employee experience in most need of improvement. Follow four steps to engage remote employees.

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