Perspectives / April 2, 2020

4 Phases to Help Your Suddenly Remote Workforce

Expert Laurel Farrer tackles the urgent challenges leaders face now that billions of workers are suddenly required to work from home.

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App Modernization in a Multi-Cloud World

Join VMware executives and Kubernetes pioneers in this streamed event as they outline exciting new products and services that will define the next generation of applications.


Game Over. Play Again?

As technology infiltrates our lives, our love of games has turned into pop culture and gamers are now pop culture icons. Listen to Pop Culture Tech podcast #7.

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Feb 20

6 Lessons From a ‘Rent-a-CTO’

A "rent-a-CTO" shares six best practices for technology leaders from his experiences leading digital transformation in healthcare.

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Dec 11

From Stay-At-Home Mom to Software Engineer: How Returnships Bring Overlooked Talent to Tech

Looking for exceptional IT employees? Read about the value of "returnships," return-to-work programs that bring overlooked talent to tech.

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May 28

How to Make Your Company the Best Place to Work in IT

Read leadership advice from some of the Best Places to Work in IT, according to Computerworld.

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May 15

3 Practical Reasons to Build More Inclusive IT Organizations

Diversity and inclusion are just as good for IT as it is for businesses and employees. Here are three reasons why.

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Mar 26

Creating the Next Generation of Leaders with Active Mentoring

Active mentoring has the potential to build the next generation of leaders. Here are 5 things to consider before you get started.

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Mar 12 / Video

University of Florence’s Marius Spinu Balances Classical and Disruptive Innovation

The CIO of the University of Florence shares his passion for driving digital change to improve learning.

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Jan 28 / Video

Work Is Changing—This Global Employer Did Something About It

Germany’s ambitious telecommunications company knows how to adapt to disruption. Here’s how they embrace the future of work.

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Oct 3

Take the Shortcut to Hybrid Cloud—From Anywhere on Earth

The recently expanded VMware and AWS hybrid cloud solution now just about covers the planet. A VMware ANZ leader shares reactions.

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Sep 21

Global Impact: Innovation’s Next Frontier

VMware's Nicola Acutt reflects on the company's global impact and what companies will need to do to move the needle in the coming years.

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Sep 11

5 Reasons Your IoT Strategy May Fail (And How You Can Save It)

How can your business build an IoT strategy that succeeds? Let’s start by thinking through the top five reasons your IoT strategy will fail.

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Jun 25

Equality in Action: Inclusion in Everything We Do

We sat down with Alaina Robertson - a leader who's influencing LGBTQ+ inclusion both in her personal life and at VMware.

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Jun 12

STEM Career Advice from a Women in Tech Hall of Famer

Women in tech leader Yanbing Li shares her career advice for making a positive impact on businesses, communities and the world through STEM.

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