News & Trends / June 30, 2020

The Truth About Digital Transformation

A new global survey conducted before and during the global pandemic finally closes the decades-long debate about digital transformation.

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Big Companies Are Relying on VMware 'For That Future World of 5G': COO

CNBC Mad Money's Jim Cramer and VMware COO Sanjay Poonen discuss the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the world of work and demand for stronger bandwidth service.

Jun 17

The Remote Work Genie Is Out of the Bottle. Now What?

Two IT leaders share how their teams enabled fast remote work capabilities in the face of the global pandemic - and what's coming next.

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May 21

Cyber Threats Rise at Home: An Interview With Tom Kellermann

Dell Perspectives reports on rising enterprise cyber threats as millions transition to working at home during the global pandemic.

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May 14

How 12 IT Leaders Support Organizations Through Disruption

In a slideshow, 12 IT leaders talk about supporting their organizations' business continuity plans during the global disruption.

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May 6 / Infographic

The State of Cybersecurity in APAC

How can governments empower businesses to embrace digitization as crises expose fragility in cybersecurity and digital infrastructures?

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Apr 30

UKCloud and VMware Join Forces to Meet Public Sector Demand for Remote Desktops

IaaS provider UKCloud forges closer ties with VMware to meet the public sector demand for “government-grade” remote desktops.

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Apr 28 / Podcast

Ready, Set, Modernize: Exploring Today’s Major IT Trends with Atos’ Chief Digital Officer

Listen to this podcast with Michael Kollar, chief digital officer at Atos, as we explore major IT trends like modern apps and security.

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Apr 23

4 Stories of Greater China Organizations Leading Digital Transformation Through Disruption

As China returns to work in the wake of COVID-19, we take a look at how organizations safeguard employees with remote work best practices.

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Apr 22

How a BYOD Project in 2019 Prepared Nebraska Medicine to Be Ready for COVID-19

TechRepublic reports on how Nebraska Medicine's BYOD program enabled business continuity when the coronavirus pandemic struck.

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Apr 17

Ransomware Attacks Spike 148 Percent Amid COVID-19 Scams

SDxCentral reports that threat researchers observed hackers using COVID-19 to increase cyberattacks, particularly ransomware and phishing.

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Apr 15

What Is the Cybersecurity Equivalent of Washing Your Hands for 20 Seconds?

Enterprise Times shares "three quick wins that everyone can be doing right now to make sure we are all 'washing our hands.'”

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Apr 7

Preferred Mutual Weathers COVID-19 through VMware Desktop Virtualization

How Preferred Mutual was prepared when New York State’s response to COVID-19 required businesses to send non-essential personnel home.

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Apr 5

Regional Authority of South Moravia Rapidly Accelerates Shift to Remote Working

“Due to the outbreak, we needed to react really quickly and shift to remote working." Read more on the Authority's rapid VDI implementation.

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