Modern Apps / February 18, 2021

Apps at Your Service

Why leaders are rethinking the app + cloud relationship and shifting the digital paradigm.

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Apps at Your Service

2020 opened our eyes to what’s possible, even in the harshest circumstances. Now, we expect more from businesses, governments, healthcare and schools. And that starts with organizations delivering digital experiences that allow productivity and creativity to flourish, while moving obstacles out of the way.

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Feb 10

10 Black Innovators & Technologists Who Helped Uplift History

Read about 10 Black technology inventors, innovators and leaders, who profoundly shaped science, the tech industry and daily life.

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Dec 2

Gaining an Intrinsic Security Advantage in the “New Normal”

Zoom COO Aparna Bawa reflects how the events of 2020 impacted the company’s approach to security and customer enablement.

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Nov 16

Scaling Velocity With Agile Teams

Mark Chamberlain, global head of infrastructure, on the trials and errors the ADP team overcame during its agile transformation.

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Nov 5 / Video

Lady Mariéme Jamme: Powerhouse

Our staff spoke with Lady Mariéme Jamme, founder of iamtheCODE, on what she believes will be the lasting impact of 2020.

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Oct 29

Good Broadband for Everyone

On LinkedIn, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger explores "making 5G a force for affordable access."

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Oct 20

For Online Gaming CIO Eran Elbaz, Teaming Up with Finance Is the Winning Move

The CIO of online gaming company 888 Holdings talks about the importance of a close IT-Finance relationship.

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Oct 13

Think Like a Chief Innovation Officer and Get Work Done

InformationWeek features the VMware CTO's keynote at Interop addressing mismatches between business practices and adopting new technology.

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Oct 8

Pat Gelsinger: Inspiring Technologist

Pat Gelsinger is VMware CEO and an enterprise technology pioneer. He’s also an inspiring tech-for-good advocate.

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Aug 17

Six CIO Focus Areas for Phase 2 of Pandemic Response: Resiliency & Beyond

In a new report, CIOs identified six areas to help their companies look forward with more confidence and clarity.

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Jul 30 / Video

The Long Return to Work

Will business ever get back to “normal,” or will remote work remain the new normal? Five tech leaders discuss their plans in this video.

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Jul 29 / Video

British Heart Foundation CTO Says Digital Transformation Is 80% Cultural

Ursula Dolton talks about delivering innovation in a charity where every penny counts towards saving lives.

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Jul 13

Raconteur: Why Technophobe Leaders Are Doomed to Fail

"Chief executives without technological knowledge...will not be able to grasp the complexities of leveraging tech for for the best outcome."

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