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Apps at Your Service

2020 opened our eyes to what’s possible, even in the harshest circumstances. Now, we expect more from businesses, governments, healthcare and schools. And that starts with organizations delivering digital experiences that allow productivity and creativity to flourish, while moving obstacles out of the way.

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May 19 / Video

Security Alert! 5 Steps to Less Risky Remote Work

These 5 steps help reduce risk and better protect distributed workforces.

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May 12

Meet the Team Handling 2 Million IT Events a Day

Automation lay at the heart of SK hynix’s IT revolution. Their newfound agility is starting to reflect in the balance sheet, too.

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Apr 27

Special Report: The Future of Education

Looking back at pandemic education trends, is online learning the future of education? And, if so, can it get better?

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Apr 26

Powering Fashion Experiences in Asia’s Technology Capital

Planning for the Tokyo Olympics unexpectedly prepared Japan’s largest online fashion store for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Mar 25

Why Are We Talking About 6G Already?

5G development is ongoing, but for some, attention is turning to the next-next big thing: 6G.

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Mar 15 / Video

The Economics of Cloud Computing

Cloud spending is up—and so is the buzz around cloud economics. Learn about the trends, plus four common blind spots in cloud spending.

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Mar 10

2021 Cybersecurity Outlook: Attackers vs. Defenders

Here’s a look at what organizations saw during an unprecedented year, from evolving attacker behaviors to the rise in e-crime.

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Mar 1

Why HCI? It’s All about the App

“When we talk about what's driving all this thinking about infrastructure strategy, it's all about applications.”

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Feb 1 / Video

Deutsche Telekom CEO Says 5G Is the Future

Tim Höttges, CEO, wants to keep everyone connected.

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Jan 21

Report: How 2020 Changed the Way We Use the Cloud

New data shines a light on how businesses used the public cloud in response to the disruptions of 2020.

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Jan 20

How Taiwan’s Largest Telco Supported the Country’s Rapid Pandemic Response

Chunghwa Telcom helps small and medium enterprises on their digital journeys into the connected 5G future.

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Jan 13

Three Transformations Powering App Modernization

The VMware Tanzu blog explores navigating three transformations, each of which supports digital business and app modernization.

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