Cloud / December 9, 2020

Special Report: The Pandemic Rewrites Retail Experiences

COVID-19 forced us all to change the way we shop. In turn, the retail industry had to completely rethink its approach—almost overnight.

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Work As You Are

Management, take note: Employee expectations have changed. Yet in this new remote work world, organizational leaders are at a crossroads. And employees wonder whether their businesses will adapt. Will organizations truly embrace distributed work and enable a future ready workforce?

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Nov 5 / Video

Persis S. Drell: Pioneer

Persis Drell, an acclaimed physicist and renowned educator, reflects on online learning, telemedicine and a renewed faith in science.

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Oct 14

Faster to the Future: New Podcast Hosted by Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO

In the Faster to the Future podcast, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger and guests talk about how the pandemic has changed the business world forever.

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Oct 14

VMware COO On the 5G “Work from Anywhere” Revolution

Sanjay Poonen joins CNBC's Mad Money.

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Oct 8

Pat Gelsinger: Inspiring Technologist

Pat Gelsinger is VMware CEO and an enterprise technology pioneer. He’s also an inspiring tech-for-good advocate.

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Sep 22

All for One and Tech for All

TechSoup equips communities with the innovative technology they need to build a more equitable planet.

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Sep 9 / Video

Adaptable World

Now that the digital experience is often the only experience, modern apps hold the keys to thriving in a world that is forever changed.

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Aug 3

CNBC: Here’s How VMware’s Partnership with Dish Will Help Build Out 5G

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger joins “Squawk on the Street” to discuss the company’s new partnership with Dish Network.

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Jun 30

The Great Digital Transformation Debate

In a world where the digital experience is the customer experience, explore how digital transformation is helping keep the world running.

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Jun 25

Modern Apps Drive Digital Transformation Success

Organizations with flexible infrastructures and mindsets provide a blueprint for digital transformation success.

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Jun 25 / Video

Video: 3 Reasons Software Belongs in Your CEO’s DNA

Want more successful digital transformation and organizations? Consider hiring C-suite leaders with app or software development backgrounds.

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May 12

VMware + Zoom: Security as a Team Sport

Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan and VMware COO Sanjay Poonen chat about how their companies are working to ensure customers can stay safe and secure.

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May 11 / Video

Node Africa CEO: Cloud Is Key for Africa’s Economy

CEO Phares Kariuki helps companies map their digital journeys through uncertain times to transform Africa’s economy.

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