Changing Public Perception at BDP International

On Feb. 9, 2016, VMware announced its strategy for delivering a secure digital workspace, along with several major updates to the VMware End-User Computing portfolio. The announcement has the potential to make a tremendous, positive impact on customers and the end-user computing industry. (Read more about the announcement here.)

One such customer experiencing the benefits of the VMware Digital Workspace vision is BDP International. BDP International is a privately held firm specializing in global logistics and transportation solutions.

When BDP International decided to deploy its application suite to Google Apps a few years ago, the IT team quickly saw that their existing VDI solution was not scaling as necessary. This scaling challenge impacted the IT team’s ability to deliver the SaaS based Google services in a responsive manner to their customers globally early on. The global deployment was ultimately successfully adopted once the IT team identified manual workarounds to address this scaling challenge. The IT team took this lesson to heart and realized that to truly run future company deployments as an enterprise, they needed to come up with a better solution.

Licensing VMware Horizon helped BDP International to not only solve its technical scaling issues but also to address the user perception with the existing Citrix VDI performance challenges. VMware Horizon has allowed BDP to start taking advantage of a true digital workspace, including Desktop-as-a-Service, the Workspace portal, public cloud, and on-prem VDI View deployments.

Watch the video below to learn from Jason Bullock, executive director of IT Global Infrastructure and Support, how he used VMware products to enable the company’s operational users to become more productive, and in turn offer more to their customers.