CIO Bask Iyer’s Message to IT: It’s Time to Step Out of the Back Office

CIO Bask Iyer issued a powerful message to IT and fellow CIOs during a conversation with CIO Leadership Live host Maryfran Johnson:

Resist the temptation to get too pragmatic and respond as if we’ve seen this one before. Because in many ways, we haven’t.

Digital transformation tops the IT priorities list for CIOs. From edge computing to cloud and mobility, the modern CIO no longer simply manages IT infrastructure. According to Iyer, they now play an integral role in a company’s future.

  1. Empowering employees with technology that supports productivity and work satisfaction.
  2. Innovating to drive new revenue streams.
  3. Supporting company expansion into new markets.
  4. Delivering engaging customer experiences.
  5. Moving beyond “things” and unlocking real, intelligent value through IoT.
  6. Securing businesses and customers against the next cyber attack.
  7. Being a leader in diversity and inclusion.

The CIO Transformation

Four-out-of-five CIOs believe their roles dramatically changed in the past five years.

Iyer, VMware CIO and Dell Technologies IoT/Edge Computing GM, spoke about the evolving role of the CIO during his video podcast interview. Among many topics, Iyer and Johnson discuss:

  • The CIO’s role in supporting positive change through digital transformation, both the technology itself and business culture;
  • IT’s evolving role as the “central nervous system” of companies;
  • The top hurdles and challenges for digital transformation;
  • How a CIO can “win” the talent wars by nurturing diversity and thinking differently;
  • The future potential and challenges of edge computing; and
  • The impact of artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) and smart devices on businesses.

“You’ve heard of this expression, ‘what if these walls could talk.’ Well, the walls are talking, … but they’re just chattering right now. We want them to do intelligent things,” Bask says.

What I’m telling IT is it’s time step out of the back office. Digital transformation is getting involved with the business. If I can make things more intelligent, what can you do?

Bask Iyer, VMware CIO