A Look at the World of Cloud

The Economist Intelligence Unit red and grey logoCloud computing has made major inroads into most industries, or so we’re told. But is the benefit spread evenly throughout the world and across industries? Are governments supplying the necessary infrastructure to help businesses succeed?

VMware commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to ask these questions of business leaders worldwide. The EIU asked 360 business leaders who are familiar with IT, half from the C-suite and half at director level or higher, about the state of cloud computing in their countries, both overall and in five key verticals.

The study sought to determine whether there were differences in cloud infrastructure and usage in more developed countries (Australia, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States) versus developing countries (Brazil, China, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa). The study also examined how banking, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail fare in each country.

Overall, over 65 percent of respondents indicated that cloud computing has a significant or pervasive presence in their country, and a further 25 percent said it has a moderate presence. Almost half said adoption is increasing at a rapid pace. Interestingly, almost 11 percent said cloud has already been fully deployed, meaning it is ending new-adopter growth and is now meeting existing market demand.

More to Come From the EIU Cloud Report

But how does the picture change looking at each industry individually? Over the next few weeks, VMware will take a look at just that question, beginning with a double-header on healthcare. The first piece will explore how cloud is affecting the overall industry, and the second piece will address how cloud affects individuals and their care.

From there the focus will shift to education, then to cloud and emerging markets. Finally, this series culminates with a look at the cloud’s place in manufacturing where, after a late start, it is now poised to significantly transform the industry.

It’s an interesting journey through the new cloud-centric world. Join VMware for what is going to be a fascinating ride.

Read the EIU executive summary report to understand the research that inspired and informed this series on Radius.