A Company Focused on Changing the Game

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) recently invited VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger to contribute to the group’s annual Game Changers book, turning a spotlight on VMware’s industry leadership and history of innovation. Representing more than 400 of Silicon Valley’s most respected employers, the SVLG actively works with private and public partnerships to find innovative solutions to the toughest challenges facing high-tech employers and their employees.

VMware has long shared these goals, and since its beginning has taken pride in being an innovative and disruptive company with a company-wide commitment to R&D and Silicon Valley.

VMware’s commitment to investing in R&D extends beyond its own internal research to open source work, such as the recently launched Liota (Little IoT Agent), and strategic partnerships with and acquisitions of technology-leading companies such as Nicera, AirWatch, and Arkin.

Leading the Way

Gelsinger was recognized for VMware’s bold leadership in developing solutions that make a difference for VMware customers and society—solutions that encompass such key contemporary issues as cyber security, IoT, and cloud computing.

Gelsinger’s contribution to the Game Changers 2017 publication, “Bridging the Great Cyber Security Divide,” cites recent research conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), which identifies a profound disconnect between C-suite executives and security professionals over the importance of cyber security in the corporate boardroom. Gelsinger argues that what’s needed to bridge this great divide is a new security architecture that takes a structural approach to security planning.

The importance of proper architecture is also key to managing across multiple clouds: a new reality for enterprises. VMware is a leader in developing solutions that enable work and management across clouds. “Fundamentally, at its core,” says Gelsinger, “the ability to manage across clouds is providing freedom and control. It’s like having a teenager you love—and like!”

Innovation and Optimism

VMware’s innovative leadership was also highlighted during the Game Changers panel discussion on disruptive technology, in which VMware CIO Bask Iyer participated. Appearing with leading executives from the private and public spheres, Iyer brought VMware’s optimistic vision of the future in technology to the panel. It is a vision in which security and privacy feature heavily in a tech ecosystem that encompasses cloud, IoT, and mobile devices.

Iyer stressed that VMware is integrally involved in these industry-wide conversations, helping to lead the way with major product initiatives in network security with micro-segmentation, IoT security and policy, and cloud management.

Being Part of the Solution

Central to VMware’s optimism about the future of technology is the company’s commitment to helping shape that future. VMware is dedicated to being part of the conversations that help to solve the big issues that will affect business, communications, and the economy for decades to come.

It is an ongoing commitment that the company is renewing every day. Just weeks ago, Iyer appeared on Capitol Hill to give VMware’s views on helping to advance the IoT economy. In meetings with Senators, and Members of Congress, Iyer highlighted VMware’s position that the United States has the opportunity to lead a global wave of IoT innovation.

Add to Iyer’s testimony the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s recognition of Pat Gelsinger as a 2017 Game Changer, and it is clear that VMware intends to remain an innovative and disruptive technology, business, and public policy leader.