Creating the First Pan-African Network

Founded in early 2016, Node Africa is a cloud and infrastructure services provider based in Nairobi, Kenya. The company is on a mission to become the largest cloud provider in Sub-Saharan Africa, and lead Africa to be a “cloud first” continent.

The Node Africa team is composed of IT specialists with extensive experience running critical IT systems for leading organizations in Kenya and across the African continent. “Node Africa’s business model is relatively new to Africa,” says the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Phares Kariuki, “as there are very few hybrid to public cloud providers who are able to offer customers their own space in a public cloud, or combine private and public clouds into a hybrid offering.”  

Creating a Pan-African Network

When it launched its business, Node Africa had what Kariuki calls “a simple challenge.” The company needed to launch a data center in a six-week period. “We needed a secure, reliable platform that our customers could enjoy,” says Kariuki. Complicating the challenge, the company, like many new startup organizations on the African continent, faced severe budgeting restraints. The solution Node Africa turned to was VMware NSX®.

According to Kariuki, NSX benefits Node Africa in multiple ways. The total cost of ownership, he says, is significantly lower. That allows the new company to aggressively pursue its goals. “NSX allows us to have a Pan-African–wide network and security policies for any customer on our platform,” Kariuki says.  Another major challenge NSX answers is that it allows Node Africa to provide its customers with secure, seamless migration across public clouds. NSX with micro-segmentation ensures consistent, high availability and regulatory compliance across all African national boundaries. That’s especially important for the company and many of its clients, for whom Node Africa provides IT compliance as a service.

Agility and Growth

Thanks in part to its partnership with VMware, Node Africa is already well on the way to becoming one of Africa’s leading cloud provider and infrastructure companies. “NSX means agility to Node Africa,” concludes Kariuki. “We are able to roll out quickly with limited resources, in a manner that’s reliable and scalable.”  

Watch the video to learn more about Node Africa and the benefits of NSX.