The Cross-Cloud Approach: Public Cloud Integration

In this final video of a four-part series, Richard Munro, global cloud strategy director at VMware, discusses the importance and benefits of taking a Cross-Cloud approach to public cloud integration in order to help all lines of the business drive innovation and deliver on their strategic IT priorities. He also considers the key questions businesses should be asking when it comes to continuing their cloud journey.

The Importance of Freedom and Control
As organisations look to the next three years and their digital transformation journey, CIOs will be accountable for many deliverables by 2020. Munro identifies the key deliverables today’s CIOs are working towards over the upcoming few years. With cost reduction and enhanced risk and resilience across all services remaining the top priority for most, Munro considers how CIOs and their teams are instrumental in striving to accelerate a company’s 2020 vision.

In today’s organisations, technology is at the very heart of innovation and the digital transformation journey. The contribution from IT is powerful, and the IT team is looked to for how it can help lines of business deliver their plans and remain competitive in a disruptive landscape. These digital transformation strategies increasingly include public cloud integration with the aim of greater responsiveness and innovation.

Companies need choice to drive innovation and transformation; however, as many embrace multiple clouds, there comes a need for better ways in which to manage public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Munro discusses the importance of having freedom and control when it comes to public cloud integration—from enabling organisations to have full insight into their existing environment to creating flexibility, speed, and agility. He also highlights that by having the ability to choose the service that most suits an organisation’s needs, and determining which workloads are right to run with which providers, it is possible to deliver a consistent but highly portable environment.

Ensuring an organisation can deliver on its vision to digitally transform and enabling innovative lines of business to make this possible—while governing, remaining compliant, and being secure—will allow the CIO and the IT team to embrace the latest enterprise technologies to deliver business benefits and efficiencies to the entire business.

This video explores how VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture™ provides the freedom and control necessary for businesses to continue their digital transformation journey.