Customers Take the Stage as IT Innovators and Visionaries

As VMworld kicked off yesterday in Las Vegas, Sanjay Poonen, VMware COO, Customer Operations, sat down on the mainstage with a handful of VMware customers—IT innovators and visionaries across a variety of sectors—to discuss some of the challenges facing their industries and where they look to resolve them.

Capital One: Mimicking Personal Computing in Enterprise Tech

The jump from physical to virtual workplaces isn’t a small one. It’s definitely not as simple as grabbing a piece of software from the store. Certainly not for Capital One.

“I rarely look for a software provider to come in and just hand me licenses and say, ‘Go forth and prosper and be great with this,’” said Capital One’s Managing Vice President, End-User Computing & Identity and Access Management, Jennifer Manry. “I look for strategic partnerships where we can get a collective win.”

Manry sees Capital One less as a banking company that happens to provide great technology, and more as a tech innovator that happens to also be a bank.

“A lot of people think of us as the ‘What’s in your wallet?’ people,” she said. “That’s actually not how we see ourselves.”

The key to that vision coming to life lies in the company’s ability to bring employees technology experiences that mirror those they have at home—an end-user experience that allows them to be as efficient on mobile as they are on a laptop.

And bringing this to fruition requires collaboration so close that Capital One engineers work alongside VMware engineers on implementation and support for VMware Workspace ONE™.

Medtronic: Moving Medical Data from On-Premises to the Cloud

If this sounds less like a customer-vendor relationship and more like a relationship relationship, Medtronic’s Karine Semmer would have to agree.

“It’s like any relationship. You’re in it for the long haul,” Semmer said.

Medtronic focuses on providing healthcare technology for an aging population facing increases in chronic disease. It relies on VMware to manage information challenges, specifically as the company move from on-premises servers to the cloud.

Sysco: Managing Many Clouds With One Interface

Sysco’s Senior Director and Head of Cloud Infrastructure, Matt Nikolaiev, said that the grocery transporter is not just contending with one cloud, but several.

“Having to go to different tool sets and different management planes for every section of your network, for applications that span multiple clouds, is incredibly challenging,” he shared, which is where VMware NSX® comes in to consolidate that experience.

Distribution as a category is poised on the brink of disruption, and Nikolaiev is plainly aware. That’s why Sysco selected a particularly versatile partner in VMware.

American Red Cross: As Mobile as Care Needs to Be

Where it’s a matter of versatility for Sysco, it’s one of scale and mobility for the American Red Cross. Coordinating 20,000 employees and 300,000 volunteers around the world is a serious challenge and, according to American Red Cross’ Vice President, IT End-User Services, Dave Bullamore, VMware has enabled the organization to update its infrastructure to become as mobile as its relief efforts require.

Watch the video to see these customers talk about their IT transformations from the mainstage of VMworld in Las Vegas.

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