Developer-Ready Infrastructure at Dell EMC World

The greatest win in IT operations occurs when you can efficiently optimize processes around minimizing time to value – thus enabling developers to have greater productivity. But behind the scenes, we all know it’s never just that simple.

This week at Dell EMC World, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger and Pivotal President and COO Bill Cook, took to the stage to extend their strategic alliance by focusing on delivering exactly what both developers and IT operators need:

Developer-Ready Infrastructure.

Part of the promise of public cloud is the ability to accelerate delivery of new apps and services. Meanwhile, the developers’ goal is simple—deliver capabilities, features or apps that support the business need or a user experience. And the purest measure of effectiveness is “time to value”—which is the speed at which an IT organization can go from code completion to production and into the hands of customers.

These new app architectures put huge pressure on IT teams to deliver a platform that offers an “on-demand and frictionless” experience for developers, as well as making sure the infrastructure also provides enterprise-grade security, compliance, and scale.

Pivotal is already established as the industry leader when it comes to cloud-native app platforms, and the majority of their deployments land on vSphere today. So, the two companies are taking things to the next level; by integrating Pivotal Cloud Foundry and VMware NSX, we’re eliminating a big source of the friction between app developers and IT Ops teams.

This is where the power of the software-defined data center comes in: With NSX, vSphere, vSAN and vRealize you have the foundation you need for modern app-development. Running Pivotal Cloud Foundry on top of that SDDC foundation is a powerful combination for businesses today. With Developer-Ready Infrastructure, we are integrating these pieces together at all levels of the SDDC.

Nothing is ever static: The app is always changing. With the combination of PCF and NSX, the IT team can rest assured that as the app evolves, the infrastructure will evolve as well. And when the app is de-commissioned, the infrastructure is automatically de-commissioned as well. So, nothing is ever left “hanging out there.”

In this new model where responsiveness and value drive technology, for the developer, it’s about increasing feature velocity while decreasing costs. For operators, it’s about increasing service levels while supporting more systems and applications.

Ultimately, every customer we talk to wants a consistent layer of networking and security to drive their business – without relying on the native capabilities of a particular public cloud. Developer-Ready Infrastructure provides that.

Security continues to become increasingly granular as you move up the stack. At the application layer, what’s required is more fine-grained control; micro-segmentation is built into NSX, which allows you to segment your environment so it’s better protected. By integrating PCF and NSX, we’re bringing together modern microservices apps and micro-segmentation.

The core value of Developer-Ready Infrastructure: Making it possible for enterprise businesses to leverage these new approaches in a consistent and smart way.