Deluxe Corp Evolves Business Model With VMware

Deluxe Corp is familiar with evolution. The 1.8 billion dollar organization had to pivot its business model in recent years to keep pace with changing industry trends. Initially a company focused primarily on printing checks, Deluxe Corp is undergoing a transformation to become a marketing and general service provider within the financial industry. To ensure its transformation is successful, the company knew it needed to transform its technology as well.

Keeping Competitive

The financial services industry had seen dramatic changes in the past few years, from primarily paper-based processes and face-to-face interactions to more digital solutions, such as online checks and digital currencies. Deluxe Corp realized that to stay competitive, it needed to adopt new technologies while simultaneously reducing spend and increasing agility.

Due to the nature of financial services, Deluxe Corp also needed to focus on security. Handling the financial data of so many customers puts security in the spotlight, especially with the necessity of adhering to the finance industry’s regulations. Achieving this while remaining cognizant of cost was a challenge Deluxe Corp turned to VMware to help solve.

Seeing Improvements

The result was improved security, faster IT service delivery time, and cost savings. VMware NSX enables Deluxe Corp to segment its customers with micro-segmentation, helping with compliance and regulation. This new feature allows for payment card industry (PCI) data and the rest of the customer base to remain separated, helping to ensure the safety of customer information.

NSX also helped improve the speed at which IT services were delivered. Non-cloud solutions were being outsourced, so delivery could take 30 to 40 days. But by moving to a VMware solution where NSX integrates fully with the VMware vRealize Suite, Deluxe Corp was able to move talent back in-house, resulting in a 48-hour turnover, all with 30 to 40 percent savings.

On top of NSX, Deluxe Corp enabled VMware vRealize Automation™, which allows for increased IT automation within the business. Things such as tagging a virtual machine and applying firewall rules to a virtual machine are made easier, allowing employees to focus on other aspects of the business. The full vRealize Suite also allows Deluxe Corp to not only look into new builds in the new enterprise cloud, but to see into old legacy systems they were unable to see before, saving, at times, significant amounts of money.

Watch the video to learn more about how Deluxe transitioned to the digital era.

What’s to Come

The future holds many possibilities for Deluxe Corp, with plans already in place to reduce turnover time to mere minutes and to begin to move to the hybrid cloud. And VMware is proud to serve, as Deluxe Corp’s Brad Skeel, senior manager, Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure puts it, as “the cornerstone partner of transformation.”