Exceptional Developer, User, and Customer Experiences are the Keys to Innovation and Productivity

By Chris Wolf, Vice President and CTO, Global Field and Industry, VMware 

Chris Wolf, VP & CTO, Global Field and Industry smiling for his headshot.

Chris Wolf, VP & CTO, Global Field and Industry

Innovation is all about imagination. Consider the impact of asking yourself the question, “Am I even allowed to do that?” That simple mental checkpoint has the unintended consequence of limiting innovation. We innovate, but more deliberately and incrementally. We make decisions on how to consume (or not consume) technology based on the overall experience and effectiveness of that technology. Incremental, minimal innovation and uninspired user experiences are certainly not keys to success today. The competitive climate is increasingly dynamic, and survival for many organizations will hinge on whether or not they can truly enable rapid innovation and create exceptional user and customer experiences.

Of course, we can’t let any IT person do anything. We have security, compliance, operational, and many business mandates which must be considered. However, those alone should not be barriers to innovation. What does all this mean? Let’s start with application development.

VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS)

To begin, DevOps success requires pragmatism. IT requires some degree of consistency and control across the organization’s application portfolio, while software engineers require a seamless scalable experience which allows them to use their tools and APIs of choice. There is no reason why both developers and operations can’t get exactly what they need to thrive in their jobs. Today, we announced VMware PKS, which gives enterprises and service providers a simple, multitenant, scalable way to easily deploy and manage Kubernetes-based containers as a service (CaaS). The basic architecture is shown below.

An infographic of the VMware PKS

As you can see, the service is based on the Kubernetes on BOSH (Kubo) project, initially started by Pivotal and Google. VMware’s involvement completes the picture for everything an organization would need to operate and manage Kubernetes at scale. While Pivotal and Google contributions deliver container orchestration, VMware contributes rock solid infrastructure-as-code. We are increasingly seeing enterprises leverage VMware technologies to take open source solutions from project to production. You can leverage all of your existing operational management tools such as Wavefront by VMware, vRealize Automation, vRealize Operations, or Log Insight to manage the container environment. Most importantly, you get full automation of the networking stack, inclusive of switches, firewalls, routers, and load balancers, in addition to enhanced security via microsegmentation. The NSX integration is critical to providing a rich developer experience, enabling entire applications or services to be deployed, inclusive of networking and security, within minutes. Besides the operational consistency and control benefits, developers also get a seamless experience using their tools and APIs of choice. For example, you can deploy and manage a Kubernetes app using standard kubectl commands. Our work with Kubernetes is core to our open source strategy. You will continue seeing VMware providing the infrastructure platforms, tools, and services to make it simple for organizations to deploy and scale the most popular open source projects. That allows IT organizations to empower developers to use the most powerful and compelling open source solutions such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes to drive innovation.

Workspace ONE and Unified Endpoint Management

New innovations in VMware Workspace ONE™ Powered by AirWatch® will make the solution the industry’s first unified end user experience, management and security solution for all endpoint platforms. Customers will have the ability to use Workspace ONE as a single solution to enable unified endpoint management (UEM) and unify the user experience across all endpoint platforms including Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, iOS and Android.

Workspace ONE will also offer cloud-based peer-to-peer (P2P) software distribution technology to install large applications to distributed PCs at scale which eliminates the need for costly branch office servers that requires silo-ed infrastructure management.

In addition, Workspace ONE is the first solution to manage Chrome devices making it the industry’s only digital workspace platform for iOS, Android, Windows 10, macOS and Chrome OS. Partners like HP further validate the solution by powering the HP device as a service (DaaS) offering using Workspace ONE.

Workspace ONE Intelligence

While it’s important to create greater innovation velocity, agility, and flexibility with solutions like PKS, it’s equally critical to rethink how we diagnose and improve how users experience applications. Workspace ONE Intelligence will allow developers and operations teams to diagnose applications all the way down to a mobile application. You will be able to quickly determine root cause, identify impacted global regions, and understand how end users are interacting with applications. Rather than resorting to intelligent guesses based on feedback data such as support calls, software engineers will be able to quickly collect usage information and optimize an application or resolve issues in a far more efficient manner.

Innovation Unleashed

We are committed to not just making it easy create new solutions to help our customers and partners accelerate business growth, but also to providing a consumer-grade way to experience applications while simultaneously expanding enterprise-grade security. It’s one thing to write about our innovations and strategy, but it’s even better to see these technologies in action. We are demonstrating many of these new announced technologies during the Tuesday general session keynote. If you couldn’t make it to VMworld, be sure to catch the live stream here.

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