Consumer Simple. Enterprise Secure: Business Mobility and the Digital Workspace

In a world where 46 percent of smartphone users told Pew Research that they couldn’t live without their smartphones, it’s clear that, as Noah Wasmer, VMware’s SVP of Mobile Engineering and Product Development for End-User Computing, says, “We need to change the way work is done.” The enterprise is now a mobile enterprise. And in businesses large and small, business mobility is being driven by individuals and teams clamoring, as Wasmer says, “for consumer technology that makes their unique roles more productive and efficient.”

Hampering the successful adoption of many business mobility programs, however, is the challenge for businesses to replicate the consumer experience while maintaining security within the enterprise workplace. Employees expect the same simplicity and ease of use they experience with apps and mobility outside of the workplace. They expect the apps and services they need for business to be available online. They expect to be able to work at any time on any device they prefer. And they expect the experience to be as simple to access as signing on or purchasing from an online app store with a single click.

Welcome to the Digital Workspace

Achieving these business mobility goals calls for a new dynamic operating environment that responds to all these challenges. That environment is here. Welcome to the digital workspace.

Making the digital workspace a reality is a suite of game-changing innovations that VMware is bringing to business mobility. Among these innovations is the launch of VMware WorkspaceONE, a unified app catalog that offers users a consumer-simple app experience in the workplace. Enterprise employees will be able to access virtually any app with just one click as they would outside the enterprise environment. Making the experience even easier, VMware partnered with Apple to create industry templates to simplify app deployment even further.

The announcement at this week’s Mobile World Congress about the formation of the AppConfig community further exemplifies the industry’s commitment to simplifying app development and deployment and accelerating the adoption of transformational business apps.

Another innovation uses VMware NSX to bring the management and security of business mobility and the data center together. NSX allows the enterprise to deliver on all the simplicity, ease of use, and productivity benefits of business mobility, while ensuring the safety and security of the enterprise, its applications and services, its people, and its customers.

Watch the video to learn more about how the VMware digital workspace transforms business mobility, making it: Consumer simple. Enterprise secure.