Loving Your Work: The Emerging Digital Workspace

Smartphones, tablets, and an ever-widening spectrum of consumer mobile devices have changed almost everything in people’s personal lives: from how individuals experience entertainment to how they communicate and share with their friends. Now this same tidal force is gaining momentum and, according to Noah Wasmer, VMware’s senior vice president of mobile engineering and product management, End-User Computing, profoundly transforming work lives as well. The transition to a digital workspace that allows people to work from anywhere on any device, with all the simplicity and ease-of-use of the most popular mobile consumer platforms, is well on its way.

“It’s so exciting to see this continuing to unfold; customers are now embracing the technologies,” Wasmer says. “The conversation is moving not just from tactical to strategic, but to a re-imagination of how we can help provide services and information to users that better enlighten their day.”

The Pillars of the New Digital Workspace

The accelerating velocity of this workplace mobility revolution is due to a major bet that technology vendors, including VMware, could create what Wasmer calls “the foundational, simple way for users to connect to all of the apps, all of the data that they need.”

“That bet,” he says, “has paid off.” In 2016, says Wasmer, “every major operating system has delivered on this vision of a simple, easy way for users to connect their apps and data.”

Once that foundational building block was in place, two other technology pillars were necessary to unleash the power and flexibility of a true mobile workspace. Next, he says, “We had to provide a secure and easy way that could be administered at low cost to bring together any app with any device, and we delivered that with the Digital Workspace powered by VMware Workspace One.”

Wasmer explains that the third pillar of the digital workspace revolution is to “actually reimagine your work process.” In other words, to not only have access to these apps, but to make them lighter, faster, and easier. He says that this is where we are now, and it is this final foundational pillar that is accelerating the momentum of this workplace transformation.

Watch the video to hear more from Noah Wasmer about how the digital workspace is transforming the workplace and helping people love their work.

Loving Your Work in 2016 and Beyond

Wasmer says that the reimagining of the workspace is generating its own innovations, what he calls “mobile moments.” A mobile moment is created when “we pull up information from our device that allows us to be better informed, and to make decisions that are mission critical to our work by simply glancing at our device.”

Prior to the start of this year, Wasmer boldly predicted that VMware would help its customers make 2016 “the year that users love their work.” In businesses and organizations across the enterprise spectrum, he cites examples of how new innovations that “would have been unthinkable” just a few years ago, have now put workloads “in the palm of your hand.”

These innovations are reimagining workplace processes and enriching workplace experiences, empowering people with unfettered safe and secure access to the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it. And that means people are  working smarter and faster—and having more fun while they do.