IT Disruption Opens New Possibilities for Collaboration: A Podcast With the EIU

 In this third of a four-part podcast series, explore how forward-looking companies are embracing IT disruption to collaborate in new ways and advance business interests.

Technology Prompts Changes

A new report shows that business users are becoming more tech-savvy and, as a result, they are increasingly buying, managing, and deploying technology solutions to support and advance their day-to-day work. This dynamic is both delivering business value and stressing IT departments.

Research conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), and sponsored by VMware, looks more closely at these changes and the resulting business opportunities that are opening up.

The EIU survey targeted 600 people distributed equally across the Americas; Asia-Pacific; and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). All the respondents were directors or above, from companies with an average revenue of $2.1 billion, and representing 20 industries. Half of those surveyed were business users, and the other half were IT professionals.

Diffusion of Decision-Making

The report found that technology decision-making, once centralized in IT departments, is now becoming more diffused across the enterprise. Business units are bringing new technology into the business in order to remain competitive, and are developing their own mini IT departments to support new solutions. It’s a dynamic that’s good for business but challenging for IT.

Why Is This Happening?

From an IT perspective, business units are becoming more hands-on with technology because overwhelmed IT departments can’t keep up with an increasing demand.

Business users have a different point of view, namely that in today’s enterprise, technology is so embedded in products and services that business expertise is necessary to understand and deploy IT most efficiently.

Shifting Roles, New Opportunities

This shift is changing the traditional balance between IT and business users.

“IT departments don’t like it, but technology is becoming easier to learn, much cheaper, more scalable, and much, much easier to deploy,” says West Coghlan, senior editor for EIU. “Business users are becoming more IT-centric, and you’re seeing a generational change, too. Young people are more tech-savvy, and they’re incorporating IT into the way they do business.”

Coghlan notes that this disruption, which EIU reports is affecting industries worldwide, is also opening up new possibilities for collaboration.

Listen to the podcast, “Digital Disruption: A Global Trend With Regional Differences” to learn how forward-looking companies are embracing this opportunity to collaborate in new ways and advance business interests.