Employee Productivity and EFES Rus Brewing Company

EFES Rus brewing company was one of the four largest players in the Russian beer market. But being in one of the Employee Productivity Drives Business Goals at EFES Rusnumber two spots was on this team’s mind. By increasing its operational and cost efficiency, EFES Rus was hoping to strengthen its market position in order to achieve that goal. What soon became apparent was that the success of the company hinged upon its ability to increase employee productivity by enabling them to do their jobs anywhere, at any time.

Innovative Solutions

EFES Rus’ needed a functional and secure workspace to help increase employee productivity. The IT team needed a solution that would provide a quality user experience without sacrificing the safety of enterprise data.

EFES Rus’ IT department also struggled with data storage overload during peak sales season in the summer months. The legacy SAN Storage with SAS drives, which normally upheld the server load, could not handle the load of its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) during peak season. This left the company at risk for serious reputation and financial repercussions if systems went down.

VMware Provides a Timely Solution

EFES Rus selected VMware Horizon to launch a pilot VDI project for 50 users. The resounding positive feedback of the project led to the deployment of a full-scale production environment for 200 users, eventually increasing the number of users and virtual workstations to 600.

The desktop virtualization platform transformed static PCs into secure digital workspaces that were available on demand. The centralized data also allowed the IT team to deliver the users’ desktops and apps, set policy, and quickly update and patch. In turn, employees were able to use personal devices to get their jobs done when and where they needed.

In the event of a server load failure, two disaster recovery sites were also implemented to allow business continuity. The desktop workloads were distributed evenly between the sites, one with 400 users, and the other with 300 users, making either of the sites available for key users in case of a failure.

Successful Results

With the Horizon virtual desktop platform, EFES Rus has been able to deliver the technology that makes work convenient and drives employee productivity – which has in turn optimized costs. The solution has also helped the IT department to achieve its business goal to implement a modern operating system to support applications. As a result, the IT support team can focus on solving other priority tasks. The remote desktops now function without failure and dynamic images can be easily updated with minimal effort.

VMware provided EFES Rus with the technology it needed to improve user experience and advance its business efforts. Through the implemented solutions, the business has seen an increase in employee productivity through a unified workspace, decrease in IT costs, and an improvement in data safety and infrastructure reliability.

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