Empowering Employees Makes Good Business Sense

Claire Dixon, chief communications officer and senior VP, VMware

Claire Dixon, chief communications officer and senior VP, VMware

Innovation comes from people. That means businesses need to work for employees, giving workers the technologies they need to be more creative. A single, simple theme resonated across all the sessions during Employees First: The Economics of the Digital Workplacecompanies that empower their employees prosper.

Empowering Employees Benefits Business
Innovation is the lifeblood of every organization. Time and time again, we see that great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. Forbes Insights worked with VMware to quantify this impact and how companies amplify it through the digital workspace.

My colleague, Robin Matlock, VMware chief marketing officer, shared that this research showed a “sometimes-sticky relationship between IT and employees.” When these groups come together, we see companies pushing the boundaries of innovation by unlocking the data and insights to work smarter together. Unfortunately, we know there can often be a tug of war between competing needs of employee experience and enterprise security. During the event, we learned that new innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and the digital workspace can deliver the best of both worlds.

It’s All About the Data and What We Can Do With It
Data is growing both in volume and importance in the workplace. There is so much data for us to view, learn from, and consume. Yet, businesses everywhere grapple daily with an overwhelming amount of data. The key is finding solutions that transform data from meaningless numbers to actionable insights.

One person finding that proverbial needle in the haystack can make a huge difference. Steven Levitt, co-author of the bestselling “Freakonomics” series, shared the story of unlikely hero John Szilagyi. The I.R.S. employee looked at data and forms in the 1980s to discover an unusual trend. His ability to derive meaning from data saved the U.S. government $2 billion in revenue in the first year alone. In present value, that idea, Levitt said, was probably a $20 billion idea.

How AI Drives Efficiency
By inserting data intelligence into the digital workspace, VMware advances AI in new ways and finally brings workers and data closer together. This empowers companies to innovate faster and amaze customers with delightful experiences. I’m also excited about what we’re doing to bring the power of this technology to employees everywhere.

New advancements in digital workspace and AI technology solve long-standing IT mysteries like, “What apps are people using? How is the performance? How many logins were there? Where did employees access the application?”

For example, the new AI capabilities built into VMware Workspace ONE establish predictive trust across the digital workspace. With this intelligent technology, IT can now deliver a next-generation interconnected system that empowers employees without sacrificing security. And smart, connected AI makes it all possible.

How AI Helps Enforce Security
Time and time again, VMware experts remind our customers (and me) that security is often used as an excuse for poor employee experiences. Traditionally, IT enforced too many logins and limited access for a very good reason. They had to protect the business. But there is another way.

According to our presenters, new digital workspace technology removes security silos. To protect devices from cyber threats, we deliver the power of intelligence to our entire endpoint partner ecosystem. The new VMware Workspace ONE Trust Network ensures that our security partners use collective AI to make the digital workspace safer. That means our joint customers now have a unified way of securing information without impacting the experience of their workforces.

From technology providers and companies to employees and IT, it takes all of us working together to put our employees first. Our most important resource, the force of innovation in every company, needs the right tools and experiences to succeed. And it is incumbent upon companies to deliver. The question is often where to begin.

To help you get started on your journey, I encourage you to watch Employees First: The Economics of the Digital Workspace. Until next time, remember: Data is never a substitute, but rather a powerful aid for human ideas driving innovation everywhere.