Enabling Business Mobility Lets Companies Move Forward

Business Mobility provides a unique opportunity for companies across industries to differentiate and drive advantage. Companies have responded by delivering apps that rethink business processes to drive greater efficiencies to the business.  Armed with anything from a smartphone to a handheld or laptop, users are reaping the benefits of anywhere, anytime access to their enterprise apps. VMware customers leverage its technology to empower employees and serve customers in new ways.

Home Depot put mobile devices in the hands of its sales associates which allows them to assist customers on the spot. Over the past year, said senior IT architect Drew Engel, the company has partnered with AirWatch by VMware to both manage its mobile infrastructure using the AirWatch SaaS solution and to enhance its product.

Southern New Hampshire University’s VMware desktop virtualization infrastructure lets even students with inexpensive Chromebooks access software that would ordinarily require a much more powerful machine.

“Southern New Hampshire University is trying to keep the dream alive for people for whom college oftentimes feels more and more out of reach,” said president and CEO Dr. Paul LeBlanc. “With this new partnership with VMware, we are going to be able to deliver any application to any student, anywhere they are, at lower cost, with greater scalability, and greater reliability.”

When Delta Airlines decided to dramatically expand its use of mobile technology, it went to AirWatch, which already managed Delta’s existing devices; and to Microsoft, to partner in the development and management of a Windows-based system for delivery of electronic manuals to replace the mountains of paper previously required.

“Mobility is an important component of the airline,” said Darrel Haskin, director, crew IT, at Delta. “Our crew members are the most mobile people in the world.”

“By introducing electronic manuals, crew members just go into their secure content locker from  AirWatch,  tap, and get the updates,” Haskin said. “Putting these mobile devices on the aircraft has really opened all sorts of new capabilities, both in the cabin and on the flight deck.