Executive Perspective Podcast: Karen Egan, VP for Global Services and NSX Support

In this VMware Executive Perspective podcast episode, Eric Nielson, senior director of marketing at VMware, sits down with Karen Egan, vice president for global services and NSX support. Egan has a technical background and studied technology in school, but found her real passion was helping other businesses solve their problems.

“What motivates me is talking to our customers,” says Egan. “I love sitting down, one-to-one, with our customers, hearing their challenges, and taking that back to our VMware engineers.”

Listen to the full podcast below to hear Egan discuss how her customer-focused role at VMware has given her a first-hand look at the issues companies face as they leverage new technologies, such as software-defined networking, and embark on the process of digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Is About People
Egan is quick to note that digital transformation isn’t about simply incorporating new technologies or competing in changing and accelerating markets. She cites the people and process issues she encounters with customers in the midst of transformation.

“Companies need to work through challenges within their own organizations,” she says. “In addition to bringing in new, transforming technologies, businesses also need to transform within their own organizations by breaking down barriers between IT and the lines of business so that everyone is working closely together.”

Learning From Customers
She references these challenges as the reason customer support from vendors such as VMware is critical. Enterprise customers expect and need more holistic and proactive support from vendors.

“The more proactive we can get, and the more tools we can leverage to quickly isolate the root cause of the problem, the more value we can provide to our customers,” says Egan.

Egan works specifically with network virtualization, something the company wasn’t always known for.

“We’ve heard those misconceptions. People ask, ‘How can you drive networking as a virtualization company? Is VMware really prepared to support that?’” she says. “We’ve really been dispelling those myths with NSX support. We’re seeing customers build in confidence, grow, and actually scale out and take on more use cases—so it’s very exciting for us right now.”