Faster to the Future: Podcast Hosted by Pat Gelsinger

The pandemic has changed our world forever—and there’s no going back.

In the new Faster to the Future podcast, VMware Board member and former CEO Pat Gelsinger joins experts in conversation to understand the lasting change.

Episode 1: Pat Gelsinger with IDC’s Matt Eastwood


Featured Speakers:

It's really been the ultimate stress test. And we've been using the word 'next normal' at IDC, because it really will be something quite different. But it's not something that we're going to in an unwilling way. I think what's going to come out on the other side of this are things that we've all embraced and learned and will take forward with us. We'll all benefit, whether it's individuals or businesses or society.

Matt Eastwood, IDC

Episode 2: Pat Gelsinger with Maribel Lopez


Featured Speakers:

  • Pat Gelsinger, Board member and former CEO, VMware
  • Maribel Lopez, technology industry analyst and strategic advisor, Lopez Research

One of the things I think people have not been speaking enough about is that concept of empathy. We see that people are starting to focus on employee wellness, as an example, whether that’s posting educational programs, whether it's mandating “no work” days, or reconfiguring schedules and physical workspaces so that people feel safe and they can practice social distancing. So, I think this concept of empathy for what your employees are dealing with right now, that's something we really need to spend more time focusing on.

Maribel Lopez, Lopez Research

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