Five Ways Cloud Computing Really Can Change the World

Many of the companies featured in the popular HBO show Silicon Valley have the lofty corporate vision of changing the world. While a new compression algorithm won’t necessarily make the world a better place, cloud computing and virtualization are helping to achieve this mission.

From healthcare to national security, cloud computing and virtualization are making a huge impact in numerous ways. Here are five ways that cloud computing really is changing your world:

  1. Making government more effective. With the stretching of resources due to budget constraints and increased mission requirements, government agencies are able to keep pace by radically simplifying IT through cloud computing and virtualization.
  2. Enhancing national security. Through the use of cloud computing and virtualization, the Department of Defense (DoD) is able to more easily make data and information available to its staff, departments, and agencies. In addition, enhanced desktop virtualization allows the DoD to best implement the right mobility strategies for enhanced information sharing.
  3. Enhancing disaster response. Information is power in any disaster response situation, and it can often mean the difference between life and death. Cloud computing and virtualization allow organizations to increase the efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness of all response efforts.
  4. Improving management of natural resources. The California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) is an example of state and local government agencies becoming a single shared services provider—through the use of virtualization—to better serve citizens and protect California’s natural resources.
  5. Improving healthcare. Moving to a cloud environment transforms the cost, quality, and delivery of healthcare, while also providing the transparency and control levels needed for security and privacy mandates.

As more public and private sector entities continue to embrace these kinds of solutions, we will surely see more examples of how the cloud is transforming not just IT, but also the world in general.