For Gap Inc., It’s All About a Great Customer Experience

In today’s mobile world, retail shoppers are accustomed to getting all of the information that they want or need, about almost anything, right from the devices they carry in their pockets. Gap Inc. knows that this consumer expectation is changing the way that customers shop in retail stores. Enter Roger Kibbe, senior director of Omnichannel Architecture at Gap Inc., and his team. They are dedicated to building a common technology platform that provides an exceptional customer experience no matter how the customer engages with Gap—online, in a retail store, or via an advertisement.

Customers are well informed about Gap products and often pre-shop online before they visit a store. Research has shown that customers who engage with a Gap associate are more likely to complete a purchase, so it is critical that sales associates know more about the products than the customers.  

Watch the video to hear directly from Kibbe as he talks to VMware CMO Robin Matlock about the ways that VMware technology enables his team to create and innovate for Gap.

“Technology is a great enabler for conversation,” says Kibbe. The mobile application his team developed gives Gap associates detailed information about the products in the store, allowing them to access useful information in real time to enhance conversations with customers.

Sales associates are empowered with real-time inventory information, so they can help customers locate an item in their proper size, say, or preferred color. Using a scanner on a mobile device, Gap associates can learn if the item is in stock in the store, locate it in another local store, or order the product online for the customer. “It is making our inventory availability and the breadth of our products available no matter where you are,” Kibbe notes.

VMware and AirWatch technologies are making all of this possible for Kibbe and his team by providing the infrastructure that allows them to innovate and create new technologies. “VMware takes a lot of stuff off our plate,” Kibbe says, “management, security, virtualization—things that we aren’t in the business of doing. You let us innovate on top of that.”  

Gap is not in the IT business; it’s in the business of selling apparel. VMware’s technology, paired with a rich ecosystem of partner technologies, delivers the underlying infrastructure for a data center that “just works,” leaving Kibbe and his team to develop applications that meet their most important goal: “It’s all about creating a great customer experience.”