Girls’ Day School Trust Helps Students Become Leaders Through Tech

Who says learning can’t be fun? That’s the approach Girl’s Day School Trust (GDST), a 140-year-old organization in the United Kingdom, is taking. The network of independent girls’ schools, which consists of 26 institutions educating students between three and 18 years of age, believes it’s important to embrace modern technology as an opportunity to enhance the educational experience of its students and teachers. Instead of staring at textbooks, GDST students now interact online with mobile devices like iPads.

“We really want [the students] to be using tech, we want to encourage girls to be leaders in that field,” said Paul Wheeler, a tech specialist for GDST. “We can only do that by enabling them to have the best tech available to them to be great at what they do.”

The secret sauce that makes all of this possible is AirWatch, a mobile data management solution. It offers a one-stop shop for administrators to manage the devices each girl uses, as well as the apps and information they’re able to access. If a student finds an app that they believe helps their learning experience, they can show it to their teacher and — if approved — they can download it and share it with the rest of the class.

To get more details on how GDST uses AirWatch to offer greater educational opportunities for its students, take a look at the video below.