VMware’s Growing Giving Network

VMware fosters a thriving community that continues to change the world. Community is one of the company’s five EPIC2 values, evident in its collaborative nature and culture of service. By focusing on innovating and leaving ahead a better future, VMware takes a multi-faceted approach to addressing community issues. It is VMware people’s shared purpose to be a Force for Good in the world.

The Ripple Effects

Employee-led groups called Giving Networks serve as catalysts for good among VMware locations and teams, building community and inspiring other VMware people to act. Networks are also unique professional development opportunities, combining passion and purpose to lead teams of people while growing the company’s collective impact and strengthening its community. Indicative of the many ways VMware people intersect, Giving Networks have members in common because they are organized by both location and team—this enables increased collaboration and impact.

India Giving Networks

One Giving Network, based in Bangalore, India, has become a pillar of the community, connecting people from different teams around a common interest in philanthropy. All new hires are invited to join the group, which meets weekly. Their culminating annual Community Day brings nonprofits from various sectors onsite to connect with VMware people about choosing which causes to support and identifying meaningful ways to get involved.

Interested in fostering a similar community for good among its people, the Global Operations team in Bangalore began a GO Serve Giving Network of its own. The team partakes in regular Service Learning activities of interest to team members, including teaching English and promoting safe driving near the office. Elevating the impact of all local efforts, the GO Serve network collaborates with the site-wide network to amplify their impact together.  

Legal Pro Bono Giving Network

In this spirit of Community, the Legal team organized a Giving Network with the mission to encourage employees to devote time and expertise to addressing law-related challenges in their communities. The team developed a Pro Bono initiative that enables global participants to build community and invest in their professional development through skills-based Service Learning. Each Legal Leadership team member has also committed to supporting at least one pro bono event annually.

Dawn Smith, senior VP and chief legal officer at VMware, contributes her Service Learning time as a board member of the Silicon Valley Law Foundation. Several Legal team members recently joined her to serve with the Foundation’s Volunteer Eviction Assistance Collaborative clinic, providing legal counsel to low-income individuals facing eviction.

“It was important to step out of our standard roles and use our skills and critical thinking to give back. It’s important not just to give back, but especially in Silicon Valley to also show the community that we’re not just anonymous organizations. Instead, we are caring members of a shared society,” said Evan Ferl, senior associate, Corporate Counsel. 

Each Giving Network contains a diverse group of VMware people who share a common passion about making a positive impact on the world. Their combined efforts, amplified by VMware Foundation’s Citizen Philanthropy  programs, add up to VMware’s collective impact in the community.