Understanding the Internet of Things: A Guide to Success

Shekar Ayyar speaking at IOT ExpoThe IoT Evolution Expo is the premier event for business and technology leaders seeking to understand this technology trend. Held this year amid the glittering surroundings of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, the event brings together more than 1,500 business leaders within the global Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Attendees gather to share ideas and strategies for harnessing the power of IoT to transform business processes and operations. In line with that theme, Shekar Ayyar, VMware’s senior vice president of strategy and corporate development, and GM of the Telco NFV Group, delivered a keynote on Wednesday, July 13, titled a “Guide to IoT Success.” Ayyar’s keynote focused on what conference attendees need to understand to successfully implement a complete IoT solution.

According to Ayyar, the industry is in the midst of the IoT trend, a trend that he says is “truly game-changing in the enterprise, permeating across entire value chains.” Illustrating his argument, Ayyar told the audience that organizations are expected to spend more than $255 billion by 2019 on enterprise IoT-related products and services.

Implications and Challenges

As with any business transformation, Ayyar says, there are going to be challenges. One of the most significant, he told his keynote audience at the expo, is a lack of standardization across chips, components, data communications, and data formats. Thus the formation of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) formed in 2014 by industry leaders, including VMware, to develop the standards needed to enable and accelerate the growth and adoption of IoT. Ayyar added that other challenges include the amount of data, scalability, connectivity, and security.

Steps to Success

To help meet these challenges, Ayyar shared with his keynote audience the “five concrete steps for success” that enterprises need to take to successfully implement IoT.

  1. Determine objectives, prioritizing opportunities and risks across all departments within a business.
  2. Modernize infrastructures to accommodate IoT.
  3. Architect to adapt and scale to the widespread use of interconnected machines.
  4. Manage the exponential increases in data, and minimize unnecessary data retention.
  5. Secure everything from unauthorized access, hacking, or attacks.

IoT in Action

Ayyar concluded his keynote by showcasing three different use cases of IoT in action. In one, he showed how IoT can make the driving experience safer and more efficient by collecting and analyzing real-time data. In another, he demonstrated how IoT is helping doctors and patients achieve better healthcare outcomes. And finally, Ayyar demonstrated what he called with a smile, “the Internet of Fizz”—highlighting a soft drink machine that implements IoT to enable customer choice.

Ayyar ended this keynote by urging attendees to take the initial steps necessary to drive early IoT adoption in their organizations. He told them that IoT is integral to becoming a successful digital business, and shared that VMware already works with over 500,000 customers on their IoT strategies. Ayyar’s message to his IoT Evolution Expo audience was clear: the time to act is now.