Huge Steps Forward in IT Agility—Meet Guido Appenzeller, CTSO VMware

Today, market cycles are accelerating and companies are becoming more flexible and nimble in order to compete. IT departments are being asked to ensure that infrastructure is more open and agile, yet also more secure. Entire industries are moving to the cloud, managing across clouds, or transitioning to software as a service (SaaS). These trends are prompting major structural changes across IT environments.

This highly dynamic market excites Guido Appenzeller, chief technology strategy officer of networking and security at VMware. Rapidly changing environments are the norm for Appenzeller. After earning his Ph.D. from Stanford University, he founded his own company and, prior to joining VMware two years ago, worked exclusively with start-ups. “This is actually my first job in a company I didn’t start myself,” he says.

NSX: Mainstream Technology That Meets Customer Challenges

Appenzeller’s enthusiasm for new technology is focused and infectious, and he brings his intensity and rich knowledge to the challenges plaguing VMware’s customers. “I’ve spent all my life in technology, and I really have a passion for it. I’m excited about how we can make the lives of our customers easier with technology.”

Customers drive innovation at VMware. VMware’s awareness that fundamental changes were needed in the networking and security industries drove the development of VMware NSX. “Today we’re looking at a threat environment where simply having one firewall on the perimeter of your network is no longer sufficient,” says Appenzeller. “And with NSX, we have this concept of micro-segmentation where, because all firewalling is done in software, you have unlimited firewall capacity and you have very powerful, high-level ways of managing your firewall rules.”

“If you look at how networks are provisioned today, and how they were provisioned 20 years ago, you see hardly any evolution,” continues Appenzeller. “What you can do with NSX is create a highly automated network provisioning system where you can create an entirely new network to support applications with firewall rules, with virtual switches, routers and load balancers, almost instantly. Previously it took weeks, but can now be done in minutes, or in some cases less than a minute. That’s a huge step forward as far as the agility of IT. That gets me excited.”

Watch this video to hear more from Appenzeller about his passion for technology and VMware’s dedication to consistently providing value to its customers. Then read on for what to look forward to at this year’s VMworld U.S.

What to Expect at VMworld 2016

Last year, VMware showed how to create networks that span multiple clouds. This year, expect customer testimonials, insight, and demos focused on containers, managing public clouds, and SaaS. “As our customers move to public clouds, our job will be to consistently deliver VMware’s customer experience across all the different public clouds. VMware will be there helping customers manage their public clouds,” he says.

This year Appenzeller will bring his enthusiasm and customer focus to the mainstage at VMworld during Monday’s General Session Keynote, where a number of VMware senior executives, including CEO Pat Gelsinger, will bring to life how VMware will enable businesses to innovate freely across clouds and devices without constraints.

The session begins at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, August 29, at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Those unable to attend this must-see keynote in person can tune in to the livestream.

And if you’re at the show, don’t miss Appenzeller’s Spotlight Session, “NSX—The Network Bridge to the Multi-Cloud Future,” Monday, August 29, at 2:00 p.m., Oceanside B, Level 2, at the Mandalay Bay. There he will demonstrate VMware’s new technologies focused on management across multiple clouds. “I’m someone who loves to see new technologies come out,” Appenzeller says, “and to give people a hands-on experience of how they work.”