Harnessing the Benefits of Network Virtualization With VMware NSX

Today, large cloud service providers like Amazon and Google are setting market-wide drumbeats in terms of speed, agility, and security. And there’s a growing expectation for IT networks, even those of smaller companies, to keep pace. In answer to this, many businesses running traditional, hardware-based networks are looking to reap the benefits of network virtualization. According to Forbes, 73 percent of companies plan to have a fully software-defined data center within two years.

VMware NSX® is the key to making this possible, taking networking services traditionally run on hardware—such as switching, routing, firewalling, and load balancing—and reproducing them in software. Virtualized networks help companies stay competitive in three main ways.

Security and Network Virtualization

With data breaches in the United States reaching an all-time high last year, companies are more concerned than ever about security. Many VMware customers cite NSX’s security capabilities as a main use case. This is because NSX allows for micro-segmentation, a practice through which small workloads are individually cordoned off to prevent any East-West movement of a breach. In contrast to most IT networks, where one firewall protects the entire perimeter, a breach into a micro-segmented network can only impact a small subset of data.

Cost Savings

The shift to a software-defined network has been shown to save companies millions of dollars in capital and operational expenditures. The savings result, in part, from decreased spending on new hardware and hardware maintenance. There is also significant savings in person-hours—both on the part of IT personnel and the employees at large. Without NSX, IT administrators must manually configure each change to a network. This not only takes them away from more valuable work, it also makes the network more vulnerable to human error. And human error is a main source of network outages, which in turn, impact the productivity of the average employee.

Time to Market

When a company with a hardware-based network prepares to bring a new app to market, it is forced to wait several days while the associated cycle for provisioning the network runs its course. NSX reduces this cycle time to just minutes, so companies can beat their competition to market.

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Thanks to their speed and cost efficiency, virtualized networks are here to stay. And much like the wheel, penicillin or smartphones, people will soon wonder how they ever lived without them.

Watch the video below to learn about the many ways VMware NSX can impact your enterprise.