We Asked, You Answered: How Are You Preparing for 5G?

5G was the big topic coming out of MWC Barcelona. In truth, 5G’s been hyped for years. Analysts and telecom experts alike project that 5G will be a huge leap forward in both connectivity and mobile experience. But for businesses, what’s the real value behind the hype? What are the tangible use cases?

We asked some of the leading IT innovators across multiple regions and industries just that: how are you preparing for 5G? What use cases are you exploring? Here’s what they had to say.

How Will 5G Impact Your Business?

Faster transactions, but high security risk. 4G is still not 100% stable.

Abhijit Das, IT Service Architect, SAP Labs India

5G won’t affect my business until the investment in 3G and 4G technologies has been paid off and we see a clear business advantage to using 5G technologies.

Rob Bishop, IT Infrastructure Team Manager, UK financial services company

I see it opening up a lot as far as mobile workspaces.

John Hamilton, System Administrator, Sumter County Government

Not initially, but as we adopt a digital-first initiative, we may start seeing some use cases for 5G.

Diego Izquierdo, Senior Systems Engineer, CBN

How Are You Preparing for 5G Today?

We are testing reliability as backup connections.

Jesus (Paco) Villareal, server operations manager, JBS USA

Thinking about new architecture to take benefits of 5G with cloud solutions.

Allan Trambouze, IT Consultant, Cofomo Québec

Waiting for the rollout and researching the available phones and cradle-point devices.

James Boyd, Deputy Director of IT, Madison County Government

Nothing, mobile networks currently don't support it and our devices do not support it. A few BYOD devices may, but not sufficient to warrant investment at the moment.

Andrew North, Senior Technical Engineer, LTH NHS Trust

Nothing. When the lifecycle of old devices end, I will buy new devices with 5G capability.

Lukasz Zasko, VMware Administrator and vExpert, Pekao Financial Services

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