Learn How to Better Manage Complexity and Seamlessly Work Across Clouds

Cloud-based technologies are transforming businesses and disrupting markets. Companies are able to leverage these advanced technologies to realize enormous benefits in the scalability, elasticity, and efficiency of their business operations. In addition, adopting the right cloud strategy can both improve the efficacy of overall cybersecurity for the organization and also seed a foundation to accelerate innovation by establishing the tools to build and launch modern apps.

However, as early adopters have found, realizing the very real benefits of the cloud doesn’t come without its challenges, as this video on managing complexity across clouds smartly illustrates.

One of the most difficult issues facing companies migrating to cloud is how to deal with the differences between cloud providers in how each provider handles managing resources and security, which can negatively impact interoperability and visibility across clouds.

Fortunately, as a growing number of companies begin accelerating their cloud migration, a consensus is developing around many of these key questions—a consensus that starts with the reaffirmation that moving to a multi-cloud environment is the right way to go.

A multi-cloud environment offers businesses the freedom to choose the right cloud for the right project. The greater the freedom, the greater the complexity and risk. So, what should companies think about when they confront these issues? There are some clear, emerging guideposts.

Consistent Operations and Infrastructure Are a Must
The principal driver to any enterprise cloud strategy is the needs of its business applications. To remain competitive, a business must be able to develop any type of application, deploy it to any cloud, and deliver it to any device.

This degree of operational flexibility has the potential to create complexity and increased risk. Those challenges necessitate both consistent infrastructure and consistent operations to enable the organization to apply common management and security policies.

VMware offers a cloud strategy that supplies both consistent operations and infrastructure to create a common operating environment.

To learn more about VMware Cloud, watch this video: