Hybrid Cloud Solutions: A “Shoe-in” for This Major Retailer

Chances are you’ve bought shoes from Caleres (formerly the Brown Shoe Company). Perhaps you’re even wearing one of their products right now from Famous Footwear, Vince or one of the company’s many other brands available across retail stores and e-commerce sites.

The $2.6 billion global footwear corporation earns a lot of its revenue through online sales. This requires a considerable investment in the cloud to ensure that customer payment data is secure.

Moving to the cloud wasn’t complicated for the enterprise. Using a hybrid cloud solution from VMware, IT simply moved their existing VMware-based workloads to the cloud and manages the cloud with the same approach they take to their on-premises environment.

“The potential simplicity of being able to manage things in the hybrid cloud along with our own internal data center in one, dare I say, single pane of glass … made it a very compelling argument,” Patrick Swackhammer says, the company’s lead systems engineer, while attending VMworld.

Now, instead of buying new hardware to replace aging assets, Swackhammer’s team can shift capital expenses to operational investments that relieve IT from some of the burdens of infrastructure management. “We see the potential in being able to move workloads—in particular workloads that have aging hardware. Instead of having to buy new hardware, there’s a compelling argument to be able to, instead of using capital money, use it as an operational expense,” he says.

The hybrid cloud also gives IT the flexibility and agility to quickly move workloads between the cloud and their data center to meet business needs. “It opens up a lot of possibilities for customers to be able to choose which way we want to go,” Swackhammer says.

Watch the video below where he explains why his team decided to partner with VMware for all of their cloud management needs.


It opens up a lot of possibilities for customers to be able to choose which way we want to go.

Patrick Swackhammer, Caleres Lead Systems Engineer