A Look Under the Hood of the New IBM-VMware Cloud Partnership

IBM and VMware maintain a more than decade-old alliance, partnering on tech and using each other’s products and services for years. With the recently announced IBM-VMware cloud partnership, the two IT industry leaders plan to accelerate enterprise hybrid cloud adoption, expanding the benefits of the alliance for mutual customers.

The Cloud Migration Challenge

Enterprise IT organizations seek a more cloud-like experience with existing on-premises operations but are concerned about maintaining security, control and compliance.

Moreover, cloud migrations may require a significant change to IT management and operations. Enterprise IT would prefer to manage workloads with familiar tools. New systems and new processes can be a hurdle.

The cloud partnership from IBM and VMware is a response to these demands and concerns. IBM and VMware offer a solution, VMware on IBM Cloud, with all the benefits of the cloud (including a subscription model) without any of the drawbacks (including purchasing and learning new management tools).

A Seamless Transition to the Hybrid Cloud

The VMware on IBM Cloud solution employs the VMware software-defined data center (SDDC) to extend existing VMware-based workloads to the IBM Cloud. The hybrid cloud solution seamlessly integrates on-premises and cloud environments with the same look and feel of existing VMware tools (including the same control dashboard) used to monitor and manage on-premises operations.

There is no expensive, complex retraining, there are no additional licenses, and IT can leverage legacy hardware investments with virtualization software to provide the bridge from on premises to the cloud. To help make the transition simpler, faster and more cost-effective, tools from IBM and VMware enable enterprise IT to automate the provisioning of their new hybrid cloud architecture.

Plus, the IBM Cloud provides a global reach, private network backbone and broad set of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) options. These unique advantages set up enterprise IT for success to create a scalable, secure, high-performance platform to innovate.

A Platform to Innovate

Both IBM and VMware are proven innovators at the infrastructure and full application level. This offers IT several distinct advantages:

  1. This efficient and flexible cloud-like environment supports the open programming flexibilities needed for creating and supporting next- or third-generation apps from IBM; VMware or third-party, web-based software providers.
  2. This hybrid cloud offers vastly greater security, which extends to virtual storage networks. This unique level of security and control results in what Geoff Wing, VMware’s IBM global accounts director, calls “a platform to innovate.”

This cloud migration path that puts enterprise IT in charge of their own progress. IT can move to the cloud at their preferred rate, while taking full advantage of third-generation innovations. This is, perhaps, the greatest competitive edge and strategic value.

In short, as Wing explains, “Not only can you use this platform for innovation to make your existing environment better today, by adding third-gen innovations, but also you can use it to build your future environment.”

Better Infrastructure Today. Innovation Tomorrow.

VMware on IBM Cloud offers IT a safe, secure and cost-effective pathway from on premises to the hybrid cloud. The customer-driven solution reaffirms the strategic value of the IBM and VMware partnership for individual and mutual customers.

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