The Impact of NSX: Quantifying the Net Effect for Businesses

Most enterprise networks rely on hardware that can’t easily expand when they need to grow, or offer the agility to deliver services quickly on-demand. When enterprises rely on hardware networks, they can count on a few persistent problems that will impact their business, productivity, and more. VMware NSX offers organizations a better solution.

NSX is a transformational networking technology that improves efficiency, strengthens security, and makes IT more agile and responsive. VMware calls the sum total of these benefits “The Net Effect.” And as the infographic below demonstrates, the NSX Net Effect can have a profound effect on your business, your customers, and perhaps most importantly, your bottom line.

Security. Agility. Efficiency.

Take security. In the United States alone, it’s estimated that the average total cost of a data breach is $5.8 million. Micro-segmentation with VMware NSX prevents the lateral, east-west movement of a cyber-attacker inside the data center, significantly containing the damage and reducing the expense of any attack.

Another area of impact is agility. It is estimated that organizations wait, on average, 270 days for IT to provision a new or upgraded service. These slow provisioning times mean that companies typically spend more time waiting for services than actually using them. NSX helps enterprises provision networking services in just minutes—versus the weeks or months it often takes with traditional network hardware—greatly improving time-to-market for apps and services and enhancing productivity.

Virtualized networks powered by NSX are also far more efficient and cost effective. By virtualizing their networks, businesses can use existing compute capacity rather than investing in new servers for each new service—resulting in an average CapEx savings of more than 88 percent.

For organizations worldwide, it’s clear: VMware NSX will transform your business as it empowers your network with improved security, increased agility, maximized compute capability, and unprecedented cost savings and efficiencies. That’s The Net Effect that only NSX can provide.

To learn more about The Net Effect, take a look at this infographic comparing hardware-based networking with software-defined network virtualization.VMware Quantifying the Net Effect for Businesses Postcard