Improving Organizational Agility with SISO Partners

When a world-class, multi-national manufacturing company sought to break free of its legacy infrastructure, it harnessed the benefits of VMware’s system integrator and system outsourcer (SISO) partners. To build a private cloud based on the foundation of a software-defined data center (SDDC), VMware empowered this customer through VMware’s SDDC platform and partnership with Accenture.

The benefits of SDDC technologies resonate with mission-critical applications, such as SAP—not only non-production workloads. The percentage of apps running in virtualized infrastructures grew dramatically over the past few years:

  • Microsoft SQL is the most common app running in on-premises, virtual infrastructure with 67%.
  • SharePoint is in the second spot with 49%.
  • SAP rounds out the top three with 46%.

A successful SDDC transformation for SAP workloads must address core operating model components, including a more sophisticated and enriched library of automation and orchestration for SAP administration work. To be successful, this customer needed proven technology and expertise to accelerate time-to-value and rapid innovation across these mission-critical workloads.

VMware and Accenture designed a solution to bring fully automated SAP HANA instances online quickly, helping the company meet its goals. The company achieved total-cost-of-ownershp (TCO) savings from optimized and automated IT processes, faster deployment of SAP HANA, and significant infrastructure cost savings. The new SDDC architecture—and the resulting capabilities to span server, network, security and hybrid cloud—supported an organizational evolution and enabled increased security, reliability, agility, and innovation. The new architecture laid the foundation for the company to integrate into the public cloud, where it could run its new or non-regulated applications.

The joint solution resulted in:

  • 23% reduction in TCO
  • Decrease in provisioning time from six weeks to 90 minutes
  • $210 million in overall savings

Watch the video below to learn more about this company’s transformation and how VMware and SISO partner Accenture helped improve organizational agility.

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