ING Bank Looks to Take the Next Big Step

ING Bank is a primarily European-based global financial services provider with about 35 million customers, around 53,000 employees, and operations in over 40 countries. It turned to VMware as it is looking into the possibility of taking its global business to the cloud.

“From an IT perspective, we have to be much faster in our ability to support innovation in the bank,” said chief technology officer Andrew Henderson. “One of the challenges we face right now is that we’re integrating our global footprint more coherently than it’s been done before.”

ING is in the process of pulling its datacenter infrastructure together into a private cloud powered by VMware. But at the same time, it is looking into the next step: the public cloud.

“The cloud is a core platform for the bank going forward. It’s a major strategic initiative for us,” Henderson said. “But right now we are going for an on-prem private cloud architecture, but we have to get ready to participate in external ecosystems.”

That involves getting current systems into the cloud–where it makes sense. Once that is accomplished, DevOps will start to cycle their applications very quickly. VMware’s Unified Hybrid Cloud, merging public and private clouds, will be the enabler.

“I think anything software-defined, means it’s digital, it means that we can automate it, and we can control it, and we can move it much faster” Henderson noted.

In fact, he mused, it goes even farther than a software-defined infrastructure.
“We actually have to have a software-defined bank,” he said. “Being digital natives, being able to move fast, to think quite differently, the bank is going to be much faster, in a much stronger position in terms of reliability, security, and quality.”

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