Innovate and Automate With Developer-Ready Infrastructure

For companies engaged in digital transformation, it’s not uncommon for infrastructure teams to be at odds with application development teams. Typically, the development team is focused on agility, innovation, and the creation of cloud-native apps to drive the business forward. The infrastructure team is responsible for functionality and uptime, and is often engaged in supporting legacy systems critical to the business. Both teams rely on each other for success, and a lack of shared tools and perspective can give rise to tensions.

Bringing development and infrastructure teams closer together is a priority for longtime partners VMware and Pivotal Software. The two companies are collaborating to more closely integrate Pivotal Cloud Foundry with VMware NSX, VMware vSphere, and other VMware products in order to both empower development teams and modernize enterprise infrastructure.

Developer-Ready Infrastructure

Developer-ready infrastructure is the concept of providing a common infrastructure for both the business and application development. It provides enterprises with secure, software-driven compute, storage, and networking with operational tooling optimized for containerized workloads and microservices. It reduces manual infrastructure processes, and helps developers focus on building and delivering cloud-native applications.

“Understanding and supporting developer choice is key for VMware and our enterprise customers,” says Paul Fazzone, VMware’s vice president and general manager for the Cloud-Native Applications Business Unit. “There are millions of software developers, hundreds of application development tools, and scores of frameworks that any developer, on any given day, can work with. We’re trying to help our customers find a way to make that developer choice a reality in a production enterprise data center.”

Fazzone is particularly excited about the work between Pivotal Cloud Foundry and NSX to automate networking and security. As new applications are created and modified, the networking and security policies are automatically driven through those changes.

“It takes the whole concept of developer-ready infrastructure to the next level,” says Fazzone.

Partnering With Pivotal

The collaboration between Pivotal and VMware is centered on more than individual products; the focus is on extending the entire VMware software stack.

“Pivotal is an interesting platform because it can run on pretty much any cloud,” says Fazzone, “and it does that through this service called BOSH. For a long time, BOSH was only focused on vSphere, but now we’re extending it to go across vSphere, NSX, and VMware vSAN™, so Pivotal can leverage the full breadth of VMware Cloud Foundation™ products.”

Together, VMware and Pivotal are enabling enterprises to accelerate their cloud-native initiatives and realize meaningful changes in their business.

“This is not just about technology. This is about people and process change. And it has to happen on both development and infrastructure teams. If you still have silos on your infrastructure team of compute, network, security, and storage, then you have to break down those barriers so both the infrastructure and development teams can speak a common language and begin to understand each other.”

To learn more from Paul Fazzone about the VMware and Pivotal collaboration, and how it enables both developers and infrastructure teams, watch the video below.