An Economist Intelligence Unit Podcast Series: The Ins and Outs of Digital Disruption

A recent report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), sponsored by VMware, explores the issue of IT decentralization—a phenomena in which business users are becoming more tech-savvy and, as a result, they are increasingly buying, managing, and deploying technology solutions to support and advance their day-to-day work. This dynamic is both delivering business value and stressing IT departments.

In a series of four podcasts, VMware discusses with West Coghlan, senior editor for the EIU, the challenges and opportunities that IT decentralization presents.

Island in lake with snowThe Decentralization of Technology Drives Innovation and Strains IT

The research shows that IT purchasing and decision-making, once centralized in the IT department, is now fragmented across the enterprise. “It’s across all industries; it’s global,” says Coghlan. “We think it’s representative of what’s happening everywhere.”

Listen to the podcast for greater detail about how IT and business users can find common ground to both advance the business and keep the enterprise secure.

Island in lake with mountain reflectionDigital Disruption and the Influx of Technology Changes Global Business 

Although digital disruption is shifting traditional roles and stressing IT, business users see this evolution as a positive change, citing three main reasons. First, when it comes to choosing the best solution, understanding the business is often more important than understanding the technology. Second, business users want to choose and install the solutions they are going to work closely with. Finally, technology is no longer relegated to the IT department, and business users are capable of applying tech solutions to specific business needs.

Listen to the podcast for a deeper understanding of the changes reinventing business around the globe.

Tropical islandIT Disruption Opens New Possibilities for Collaboration

“IT departments don’t like it, but technology is becoming easier to learn, much cheaper, more scalable, and much, much easier to deploy,” says West Coghlan, senior editor for EIU. “Business users are becoming more IT-centric, and you’re seeing a generational change, too. Young people are more tech-savvy, and they’re incorporating IT into the way they do business.” Coghlan notes that this disruption, which EIU reports is affecting industries worldwide, is also opening up new possibilities for collaboration between IT departments and lines of business.

Listen to the podcast to learn how forward-looking companies are embracing this opportunity to collaborate in new ways and advance business interests.

Island in lake with cloudsA Regional Look at How IT Decentralization is Shaping Business

“What we’re describing here is the long-standing dispersal of IT decision-making and power across the organization,” says West Coghlan, senior technology editor for the EIU. “In order to stay competitive, business users are taking IT into their own hands and setting up their own mini IT shops.” And it’s happening in businesses across the globe.

Competitive pressures outside of the firm will continue to make products and services more interwoven with technology in the future. Decentralization is changing how business gets done, and while this presents a number of business challenges, it simultaneously paves the way for innovation.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about what‘s driving IT decentralization and what businesses can do about it.