Breaking: Intent to Acquire CloudHealth Technologies to Provide Multi-Cloud Operations at Global Scale

Executive Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development & GM Telco NFV Group, VMware

Shekar Ayyar, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development & GM Telco NFV Group, VMware

We embarked on a strategy for cloud last year that has led us to strong customer adoption. In the process, we have built upon existing relationships and forged new partnerships. We discovered that we are in a position to start bringing together more meaningful services in a multi-cloud way to our base. VMware gives our customers the unique ability to operate in a multi-cloud world, access the best innovation regardless of its source and match the needs of applications to the resources available without compromise.

I’m thrilled that VMware today is announcing its intent to acquire CloudHealth Technologies, continuing momentum and accelerating organic growth via M&A. CloudHealth Technologies delivers a cloud operations platform across AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. The platform enables customers to help analyze and manage cloud cost, usage, security and performance centrally for native public clouds.

VMware’s M&A strategy is a critical complement to our culture of innovation and a key driver as our customers embark on their digital transformation journey. M&A enables us to bring the best-of-breed technology and teams into the VMware family, while offering our trademark hardened solutions to our customers (read more about our M&A strategy here).

With today’s announcement, VMware Cloud Services will have the ability to add delivery of consistent operations across clouds to its portfolio. Once the CloudHealth Technologies deal is closed, VMware cloud automation services, VMware Secure State and Wavefront by VMware will deliver automation and compliance, security and governance, insights and analytics to complement CloudHealth Technologies’ capabilities.

I’m excited to see CloudHealth Technologies as our latest M&A move.