Introducing VMinclusion: Harnessing the Power of Human Difference

By Amber Boyle, Diversity and Inclusion Program Director, VMware 

Amber Boyle, Diversity and Inclusion Program Director at VMware

Amber Boyle, Diversity and Inclusion Program Director at VMware

At VMware, we are all about harnessing the power of human difference.

As a global multinational company, VMware competes to win in markets across the globe, and that means we need to attract and retain the best talent in each market. Diversity and inclusion is about how we tap all of our over 19,000 unique employees across the globe to deliver extraordinary performance and innovation.

We’ve launched VMinclusion to achieve this critical business mission. Rooted in VMware’s core values, VMinclusion is business change by business leaders. Through this initiative, we are fostering an inclusive culture, where employees are free to be their authentic selves and do their very best work, as well as to increase our diverse mix of employees. It’s a mission that takes all of us working together to achieve, and that continually inspires us to go further.

An evolution, not revolution

If you’ve been following VMware, you may remember the launch of VMwomen in 2014. This was the first step in our long-term goal to drive a more inclusive culture at VMware. VMinclusion is the next step of our diversity and inclusion journey. VMinclusion’s strategy aims to accelerate progress on female representation and to expand to include other underrepresented groups.

We know that diversity and inclusion is a challenge across the tech industry and that we need to look for opportunities to collaborate to accelerate change. This is why we are proud to be part of the first signatories for the White House’s Tech Inclusion Pledge.

You can read VMware’s commitment to diversity and inclusion here.

This month, VMware Iaunched the VMinclusion Council, a group of senior business leaders who will set strategy and work with executive leaders to meet the company’s diversity and inclusion goals. The Council has global and cross-functional representatives from R&D, Sales and Business Operations. Stay tuned for more updates as the Council begins its work.

Measuring Success of a Business-Led Initiative

Over the past year, we’ve seen measurable improvements in the overall representation of women at VMware and in our hiring of women across the company. We’ve also measured the results of change initiatives focused on navigating gender in the workplace, like DIALOGUE Circles, peer mentoring and leadership development curriculum. These programs deliver Stanford University Clayman Institute’s Voice and Influence program. 80% of participants take action based on the insights they gain and 70% report expanded access to ways to navigate their careers. We will continue to measure both representation and the impact of our efforts. But true change goes beyond numbers.

Fostering Inclusion

In order to drive culture change, we recognize that each of us needs to understand our own unconscious biases and how they can disadvantage certain groups. Ultimately, the goal is to gain insight and tools that can help to correct those biases. As such, we are continuing to roll out a broad-scale unconscious bias education program to deliver sessions to all of our managers. It is our company goal that all managers and above participate in this session, hear about research and solutions, and take responsibility both individually and collectively to create a more inclusive VMware.

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