Introducing VMware EVO:RAIL vSphere Loyalty Program

Editor’s Note: This post, initially published on April 23, 2015, was updated on May 5, 2015 to include the VMware vSphere Loyalty Program FAQs document now available for review here.

By Mornay van der Walt, vice president, EVO:RAIL Group, VMware

Today, we are delighted to announce the launch of the VMware EVO:RAIL vSphere Loyalty Program.

We developed the VMware EVO:RAIL vSphere Loyalty Program to allow our VMware vSphere customers to apply their licenses to the purchase of VMware EVO:RAIL appliances from our nine Qualified EVO:RAIL Partners. This program enables our customers to preserve their existing investment in VMware software, while reducing their overall cost of an VMware EVO:RAIL appliance purchase.

Customers with licenses obtained through Enterprise Licensing Agreements (ELAs), OEM partners, distribution, or other resale channels, are eligible for the program. Customers will also require a minimum of 8 CPU vSphere Enterprise Plus licenses to commit to one VMware EVO:RAIL appliance.

VMware EVO:RAIL delivers a building block approach to help customers accelerate their adoption of a software-defined data center. Featuring integrated compute, network, storage and management software, VMware EVO:RAIL enables customers to rollout and scale-out software-defined infrastructure services in a rapid and repeatable fashion. The appliance also scales linearly to offer customers predictability in design, performance and cost.

Customers around the globe are already benefitting from the simplicity and time to value delivered by the hyper-converged infrastructure appliance. According to Atsushi Yoshida, vice president, Office of the Faculty, Fukuoka Hibiki Shinkin Bank of Japan: “VMware EVO:RAIL is the right solution for us — serving as a backup target at our disaster recovery site. It delivers all of the functionality we need in a 2U/4-node form factor. VMware EVO:RAIL has delivered both CAPEX and OPEX savings helping us to reduce our total cost of ownership by 40 percent.”

With the introduction of this new global loyalty program, we are offering existing customers an easier way to acquire and consume these appliances through their preferred Qualified EVO:RAIL Partner, distribution, or other resale channels. And the program is proving attractive to VMware customers. According to Tim Liston, Sr. IT Analyst, El Dorado County, “We are excited about the VMware EVO:RAIL vSphere Loyalty Program. It will further simplify our ability to purchase VMware EVO:RAIL appliances as needed.”

General availability of the program will vary per Qualified EVO:RAIL Partner.

Customers and partners interested in learning more about the VMware EVO:RAIL vSphere Loyalty Program, can contact their local VMware representative or the VMware EVO:RAIL team at:

Learn more about VMware Qualified EVO:RAIL Partners and their EVO:RAIL-based solutions. 

Customers and prospects interested in VMware EVO:RAIL can try it out today via the VMware Hands-on Lab.