Join VMware on our Diversity and Inclusion Journey

At VMware, we’ve been successful with our mission to transform the world of IT through our cloud, mobility, and virtualization technology for one reason: our people. They have solved technology challenges of the past and are creating the future. As a globally connected community, our people have shown us what the power of human difference can achieve in driving VMware’s success.

Amber Boyle, Diversity and Inclusion Program Director at VMware

Amber Boyle, Diversity and Inclusion Program Director at VMware

VMware is committed to delivering transformative IT solutions by harnessing the power of human difference and building a community that is inclusive and diverse. To accelerate the company’s global commitment  to diversity and inclusion (D&I), today we are sharing our journey along with our diversity data here.

Our Corporate-wide Commitment: VMinclusion

At VMware, we know that innovation thrives in cultures where diverse perspectives are actively encouraged, respected and celebrated. In 2014, we began an initiative called VMwomen to increase the representation of women and foster a more inclusive culture within the company. This past year, we evolved VMwomen into VMinclusion, a broader diversity and inclusion initiative to focus on women and underrepresented groups, and drive inclusion across our global sites. We believe this holistic approach is critical for driving innovation and growth.

VMinclusion is dedicated to creating sustainable and lasting change at VMware and in the industry, starting with executive engagement and accountability driven through the business.

vsd-7952-965x545-intro-imageWhile we still have a way to go, we’ve seen measurable improvements with women globally. Due to deliberate investments and sustained leadership commitment and accountability, we have achieved:

  • A 22% growth rate in women’s global hiring representation
  • A 17% growth rate in female global VP+ representation

With VMinclusion, VMware has also begun to focus on additional groups of underrepresented talent in the U.S. We are taking the important step to disclose our diversity data publicly because we believe that sustainable change and continuous improvement come through awareness, understanding, engagement, accountability and transparency.

Executive-led and Metrics-basedvsd-7952-965x545-pods-1

VMinclusion is led by VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger and Corporate Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer Betsy Sutter. They work with a VMinclusion council of VMware’s global business leaders to set the company’s Diversity & Inclusion strategy. VMware’s executive staff also reviews the D&I metrics at each quarterly business review and tracks representation for each group of underrepresented talent. Employees are encouraged to drive change through our Power of Difference Communities (“PODs”) in support of inclusion and diversity at local sites and for key demographic groups.

Inspiring Change Across the Industry

vsd-7952-965x545-women-in-tech-3VMware is proud to drive a business-led cultural transformation through VMinclusion. Every investment VMware makes is designed to create actionable change within the business. But this goes beyond just VMware — diversity is a challenge across the technology industry, so we are investing in a number of programs, such as Women Transforming Technology (WT2), and collaborating with leading edge organizations such as the Stanford Clayman Institute and Women Who Code. We invite you to join us on this journey. Learn more about what VMware is doing in the Diversity and Inclusion space to move the needle for our business, our customers and the communities in which we live and serve.