Leadership Perspectives with VMware CIO, Bask Iyer

Bask Iyer, VMware’s CIO, is knee-deep in ever-evolving technology. “I wake up in the morning, and there’s a whole new technology and a whole new company. If you don’t like that, it’s a very stressful job.”

But Iyer thrives on the new. The cloud is still new—it’s evolving. The challenge on the horizon is to transition established organizations to the cloud set up that’s right for them.

In this two-part series, Iyer spoke about the biggest changes in the tech industry in the last 12 months, and what he’s learned from being a CIO.

Gain insight on how to stay curious, adaptive, and how to keep your seat at the table.

Watch Part One: Biggest changes in the tech industry in the last 12 months

Watch Part Two: The most important thing Bask Iyer has learned from being a CIO