Making Employee Empowerment a Priority

Amidst cost and security concerns, how can IT put employees first—and, more importantly, why should they?


Shankar Iyer, Senior Vice President and Co-General Manager, VMware End-User Computing

VMware continues our journey to put employee empowerment first. We believe superior enterprise performance stems from the actions of individual employees. Research with Forbes Insights confirms our belief: Empowered employees with secure and seamless access to any app on any device translate to higher performance at the individual and enterprise level. With employee empowerment comes increases in revenue, cost savings and support of global expansion for the enterprise.

Having the right device for the right job is an important part of employee empowerment and digital transformation. Additionally, more work than ever is being done to help businesses rethink processes for greater gains.

A great example is field employees with mobile applications. When the car insurance adjuster, in my colleague Noah Wasmer’s example, investigates a serious accident claim, they often use apps to quickly relay information from the site. However, what if you combined artificial intelligence (AI) with data from driver performance monitoring to recreate the accident? This could save the adjuster even more time in their investigation.

By re-engineering business processes, industries extract points of friction in the customer experience. In retail, we see a rise in mobile merchandising, inventory management and line-busting applications—order taking by employees carrying tablets in store aisles and restaurant parking lots. In aviation, new airline mobile initiatives empower pilots and flight attendants. These trends give employees something to love about work again—and turn customer complaints into powerful experiences that deliver a competitive advantage.

Pushing the Boundaries of Digital Work

Our commitment to employee engagement and satisfaction is why we continue to push boundaries when it comes to the core tenets of our digital workspace platform. With the trends above in mind, we:

  • Deliver Intelligence: New insights through artificial intelligence help IT understand where, how and how often employees access apps. IT proactively tunes for performance by comparing employee adoption of new tools and services, ultimately keeping employees happier and more productive.
  • Support Heterogeneity: We advanced an open, extensible platform to provide applications through a self-service catalog. This enables employees to access the apps they need on the right device when they need them.
  • Grow Our Ecosystem: We support and encourage collective participation, because it provides everyone with confidence that all the apps employees want and need will run seamlessly and work together.
  • Focus on Execution: We’re particular about ensuring we respect feedback and take action, because that’s how we maintain employee trust.

VMware Workspace ONE  is a unified platform that powers both line-of-business applications (e.g., X-rays on iPads) and application transformation (e.g., SaaS, virtual, etc.) across a heterogeneity of devices. It enables Windows apps and desktops to be delivered as a service with desktop and app virtualization, and uses insights and automation for operational efficiency, reducing risks and enabling compliance. It does all this while empowering employees to work at their best!

Putting Cost, Security and Employees First

Empowered employees make businesses successful. But for many IT organizations, delivering the right technology isn’t that simple. Legacy technology investments can’t be completely abandoned. Unrelenting security threats complicate matters.

At VMworld U.S., we talked more about delivering exceptional experiences that enable employees to do work they love—without losing control of security or costs. Now, watch our showcase keynote on demand on the digital workspace. You can also follow the #VMworld social media conversation for news and videos from one of the top IT conferences in the industry.


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