Mapping the Future of VMware NSX

In this final of a three-part video series, VMware’s general manager and executive vice president for the networking and security business unit, Rajiv Ramaswami, talks about the future of VMware NSX and what that means for customers. View the first video on NSX use cases and the networking revolution here, and the second video on the importance of NSX in multi-cloud strategies here.

According to Rajiv Ramaswami, long-time technology executive and VMware’s general manager and executive vice president for networking and security, customers want to achieve two goals to help them with their NSX deployments. First, customers want visibility into the data center, specifically around communication between applications. Second, explains Ramaswami, “They want Day 2 operations support after NSX has been deployed.”

VMware is taking a number of steps to help customers meet these goals and speed adoption of NSX. One of those steps is the acquisition of Arkin Net, a leader in software-defined data center (SDDC) security and operations. Arkin technologies are purpose-built for NSX environments. VMware announced its intention to acquire the company in June 2016.

Made for Each Other

Arkin is no stranger to VMware customers. A long-time VMware strategic technology partner, Arkin offers VMware customers tools that allow unprecedented visibility across the physical and virtual layers of their enterprise network operations. The company’s platform helps customers simplify their planning and operations for NSX, allowing customers to quickly scale NSX to thousands of applications. And for customers deploying NSX today, Ramaswami says, these Arkin technologies allow customers the visibility they want into their data centers and the Day 2 operations support they seek after deploying NSX.

NSX and VMware vRealize Network Insight

Inaugurating a new era in NSX moving forward, Arkin technologies have been integrated into VMware’s vRealize Automation suite and re-named VMware vRealize Network Insight. It’s a combination that promises great benefits for VMware customers. Cloud management teams, for example, will have access to a new generation of tools for planning, troubleshooting, and automation.

“[vRealize Network Insight] helps customers understand what they have in their data centers,” Ramaswami concludes, “and it provides them visibility and operational support for their deployments.”  For VMware customers, the future of networking is bright.

Watch the video to learn more from Rajiv Ramaswami about the future of NSX, and how the combination of NSX with vRealize Network Insight can transform your business.