Memorial Healthcare Expands Its Impact With VMware

Memorial Healthcare’s Vice President of Information Services and CIO, Thomas Kurtz, describes a three-legged stool when referring to an organization’s technological success. As only one leg of the stool, technology must be paired with people and processes for a company to succeed. This is something Memorial Healthcare makes sure to remember when selecting the technologies the organization uses.

Technology has enabled Memorial’s healthcare environment, leading to improved processes and greater efficiency. At the same time, the technology Memorial Healthcare has selected has helped with the people side of business, increasing user satisfaction by giving users access to the tools they need. This way, a clinician can be a clinician rather than a data scientist.

By recognizing the importance of having integration among all parts, Memorial Healthcare has been able to propel its business to new heights, making it possible for the organization to serve its patients to the best degree possible and achieve the vision of becoming a national model of excellence for personalized healthcare.

Watch the video to learn how Memorial Healthcare protects patient data, then read on to learn about the VMware solutions that helped Memorial achieve business transformation.

Turning to VMware

To achieve this business transformation, Memorial Healthcare turned to VMware for help. First and foremost, Memorial stressed that protecting patient data is key. Healthcare companies have access to sensitive patient data and need to ensure this information stays secure. This becomes a challenge, however, when the infrastructure becomes more complex.

VMware NSX was the solution Memorial Healthcare needed. With NSX, Memorial Healthcare is able to see inside the data center, a change from the previous view of solely the perimeter. NSX is also able to provide multi-tenant solutions for other healthcare providers in the area, as well as streamlining options for networking features and functionality.

Memorial Healthcare also took advantage of VMware’s mobility options, as mobility and, increasingly, portable devices are becoming more important within the healthcare industry. Memorial Healthcare wants the staff to be able to work off of a consistent desktop environment, and to allow practitioners to access information away from their desktops. To accomplish all this, Memorial Healthcare uses VMware AirWatch and VMware Workspace ONE™, improving mobility and establishing BYOD initiatives.

Moving Forward

With healthcare trends focusing on mobility and the quest for data, having access to data anywhere, everywhere is important. On top of this, however, is the importance of having a better understanding of where the patient population is, how healthy patients are, and how to better track their care. With VMware solutions, Memorial Healthcare is able to better serve its patients.

With the VMware infrastructure, Memorial Healthcare is able to expand its impact. Memorial has been able to reach out to critical access hospitals that struggle to stay open on a daily basis, ensuring that people are able to get the healthcare access they need. The infrastructure that VMware provides allows Memorial Healthcare to provide additional resources, resources these hospitals may not have been able to source otherwise.

Memorial Healthcare has been able to use technology to transform the way it provides for the most important part of its business: the patients. By making improvements with NSX, AirWatch, and Workspace ONE, Memorial Healthcare is able to offer patients the best quality experience possible.